Monday, November 30, 2009

MCLN Cleaning Up On The OTCBB

Shares of Medclean Technologies are cleaning up in early trading on the OTCBB with 85 million shares traded. Check out MCLN, we will post an update later today.

Always consult a registered investment adviser prior to making any investment decision.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

ACTC Jumps 10%

ACTC jumped 10% in afternoon trading after a report that the company has reversed blindness in rats using stem cells.

"ACT has previously reported it used human embryonic stem cells to make retinal cells. They have reversed blindness in rats."

Please consult a registered investment adviser before making any investment decision.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Agreements Fuel ISCR Jump

InstaCare Corp. Continues Turnaround & Reports 291% Revenues Increase in 2Q 2008
ISCR Also Reports 2nd Quarter and Six Months Profit Resulting From Enhanced Operations and New Agreements

ISCR was up 130% on six million shares traded in early OTCBB trading.

Consult a registered investment advisor before making any investment decision.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Small Index For China "Enterprise Board"

OCT 23rd China will launch a new Enterprise Board to compete with America.

The new index will allow smaller companies to compete with larger corporations for precious financial resources.
The index will begin trading with 28 companies, and will be located in Shenzhen, the southern financial center near Hong Kong that is the site of the smaller of China's two stock exchanges.
Although the size of the share offerings is dwarfed by those of much bigger companies on the main boards in Shenzhen and Shanghai, the exchange offers Chinese punters a welcome new investment option. Foreign investors are still largely excluded from trading in Chinese currency-denominated shares.
How this affect the demand for Chinese penny stocks corporations to list on the smaller American OTCBB, or Pink Sheets? Perhaps we will see American corporations seeking listing on the new Chinese Enterprise Board! 

Thursday, October 15, 2009


After being destroyed a few months ago EXBX is up big in OTCBB trading. The stock closed up 173% in OTCBB trading.

Always consult a registered investment adviser prior to buying or selling any penny stocks!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SPNGE Sponge Dog Square Pants

Sorry, I had to. SPNGE has been such a bad stock. Today SPNGE continued to be a volume leader on the OTCBB. We have no idea if the stock will be able to shake the E designation. We do know the stock has fallen significantly since reaching its high.

Contact a registered investment advisor proior to making any investment decision.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SPNGE Leader OTCBB Trading Volume

SPNGE Spongethech Delivery Systems a penny stock trading on the OTCBb traded up 15.4% in early trading. We did not find any news to support the gain. SPNGE has joined the ranks of penny stocks who have failed to meet their listing obligations to remain on the OTCBB. If SPNGE does meet their listing obligations the E will be removed from their trading symbol, and traders may once again find SPNG attractive. However, we doubt SPNG will be able to meet the OTCBB listing requirements.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

PWRM Up 27% iIn Early OTCBB Trading, But Why?

Dr. Stockpick Announces Daily Stock Watch - GFGU, PWRM, SCII

Emerging Stock Report Initiates Independent Research Coverage On Power3 Medical Products, Inc.

Apparently, there is a campaign to improve the share price of PWRM. I noticed the company its self did not have news today. However, the share price has jumped significantly this morning. I do not expect to see much follow through from the price appreciation in this penny stock.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Stocks Penny, IMGG Down No News

Shares of stocks penny IMGG were down .075 or %11 in afternoon OTCBB trading. The stock has had a significant run over the last two weeks. We could not find any news in relation to the share price decline. If we hear anything we'll keep you posted.

Always consult a registered investment adviser prior to buying or selling a security! Penny stocks are risky and can result in loss of entire investment!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Penny Stocks Archive

Here are a list of older penny stock press releases dating back to mid 2004. I wonder how many of these companies are even left or have changed their ticker symbols.

GVBP Halted, SPNGE Falls

I think we all knew this was going to happen. Shares of penny stock GVBP were hauled by the SEC. The SEC detailed their reasons for halting trading in this document. We hope that those invested in the company are able to recover any remaining investment in the common stock of GVBP.

Shares of SPNGE another controversial company trading on the OTCBB were down in mid-day OTCBB trading. Shares of SPNGE have fallen since their peak.

Share your thoughts about these companies and other on the #1 investors social network

APDN Generates Interest in OTCBB Trading

This is not the first time APDN has been watched. Over the last month APDN has performed very well, better than the rest of the market, maybe not. However, a penny stock which shows a consistent chart of appreciation sometimes warrants a look. The company is working in an extremely defined market niche. I am not familiar with the other products serving this market. However, the recent and consistent price appreciation of APDN suggests this is an important market niche, and that APDN will play a role in it.

Most Recent Press Release for APDN
Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB: APDN), a provider of DNA-based security solutions, today announced that it can create botanical SigNature® DNA markers that can individually mark valuables, and rare, limited edition collectibles that require a forensic level of security and authentication. From paper to ink to the final product, DNA can leave a forensic trail to assure the provenance and authenticity of an original marked product. Limited edition books, maps, fine art, and specialty inks and writing instruments can all utilize unique DNA markers."

We will keep an eye on this one.

Always consult with a registered investment adviser prior to buying or selling a security. Penny stocks are very risky!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CTT Two Dollar Stock

This one may not be like all the others, but still a penny stock. Here is a clip from a recent press release from CTT.

"FAIRFIELD, Conn., Sept. 16, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Competitive Technologies, Inc. (NYSE Amex:CTT) announced today that the Fondazione Parco Biomedico San Raffaele of Rome began offering professional training courses for medical doctors on the use of CTT's pain therapy medical device. Training for use of the device, known in Italy as "Scrambler Therapy, an innovative methodology for the treatment of chronic and elevated neuropathic pain," began on September 14, 2009."

CTT currently trades around two bucks. The stock has had a pretty good run over the last few months so I though I'd share it with you. I know most of you are used to true penny stocks, trading under one dollar, but I thought this one looked like it was worth sharing.

Always contact an registered investment adviser about the securities you are interested in! Registered investment advisers can help you avoid a giant mistake! Had those who purchased GVBP at $1 spoken with a registered investment adviser before buying the stock they could have avoided a 70% loss in their portfolio!

My two cents:
Investing in penny stocks is very risky and should only be done with capital which can be lost! Many penny stock investors can and do lose all of their investment!

For more information about inverstor relations done right visit

MCTH Low Volume Winner OTCBB

Up 156% today MCTH is a clear winner in early OTCBB Trading. Rumors on the message boards are abound. Traders are not sure if news is eminent, or if the rise is a ploy to suck in investors. The only thing we are sure about is that the stock is up big.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

GVBP Plunges In Early OTCBB Trading

Is there any chance shares of GVBP will have a rebound, a dead cat bounce? I think they could, but they have to fall farther!

In early OTCBB trading shares of GVBP fell $.22 cents to $.267 for a astonishing -45.17% loss. Just last week the stock peaked at just over $1 before falling apart. Our condolences go out to those who purchased this stock above $.50 and did not sell it.

Investing in penny stocks is a very risky business and all investment will likely be lost. Please consult a registered investment adviser before purchasing any stock, bond, or security.

Friday, September 18, 2009

OTCBB SPNG Spongetech Gets The Dreaded "E"

If you woke up this morning and searched for a quote on your stock SPNG, you will have to add an E to the end of the symbol SPNGE. The company is having trouble with its auditors!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

SPNG SpongeTech Declines

I think we all knew SPNG was going to fall apart. It was only a question of how soon? The company did a great job of informing investors about the stock and the share price increased. However, the underlying problem still exists, there's way to much stock available! Unfortunately we expect SPNG to continue to deteriorate.

Consult an registered investment adviser before purchasing securities!

I once had a friend in the industry who had for the most part figured out penny stock investors. He claimed that announcing a forward split with news would generate increased interest in a penny stock, even if the news did not mean anything. Additionally, he said that releasing news on a regular basis and including industry statistics, even though unrelated to the company, would generate even more interest. I think he was correct in his assumptions.
Penny stock traders want to hear from their companies, and the more they hear from them the better! Just remember that news of a reverse split or the promise of a percentage of a giant market does not mean the company is equipped to or even intends to bring those predictions to fruition.

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SCIE Follow Through Stock

Yesterday we posted a few stocks thought had the potential to have follow through days. This morning it appears that SCIE will be the follow through penny stock. We can't be certain because trading is very thin, but we think SCIE will have some upside in early trading.

Consult a registered investment adviser before purchasing any securities.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Penny Stocks Of Interest

Which one of these penny stocks will have a follow through run tomorrow?

Symbol Last Tick Chg % Chg Volume

0.06 0.042 233.33% 3.35 m

0.30 0.20 200.00% 7.76 m

0.063 0.04 173.91% 45.34 m

0.014 0.0078 125.81% 626.5 k

0.72 0.39 118.18% 2.97 m

NUBL, IMGG, and GVBP Create Exciting Times On the OTCBB!

NUBL, IMGG, and GVBP all creating buzz in early morning trading on the OTCBB. First GVBP, WOW it broke $1, I still believe the company is nothing more than a great marketing ploy.

Next IMGG, today trading in IMGG peaked as the stock reached a high of $0.45. The stock has been on the rise over the last 5 trading days. Shares of IMGG are up on the heals of a research report issued by

NUBL NuMobile states in their press release that they are actively attempting to increase the price/valuation of their company to complete a transaction. I suspect shares of NUBL will eventually return to their lows.

I see nothing of long term value in any of the three pennystock companies NUBL, IMGG, or GVBP. I hope you all make money and move on. Please consult an investment adviser before purchasing any securities, I am not one!

C Citigroup Asks To Triple Float?

Citigroup wants to increase the float from 15 billion shares to 60 billion shares! Additionally they want to reserve the right to do a reverse split any time before 2010. The real kicker is that any future reverse split will not affect preferred shareholders. All along this bailout has been about nothing more than protecting a few very wealthy individuals. Citigroup is now a true penny stock because they are fully willing to take advantage of common stockholders

Here is a link to Citigroups proposal.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

IOPM "boost" Heard Mentality?

In a day when GENova was the talk of the OTCBB, a smaller issue made headlines. IOPM was up 315% or .08 cents from $.02 cents on 37 million shares traded on the OTCBB. We have come across this small company in the past but today the heard mentality found it first. As investors swarmed to GVBP the idea of a cancer cure was also brought to the forefront as IntraOp Medical released news about its breast cancer treatment process known as "boost".

"Now, a portable, self-contained radiation therapy system, the Mobetron from IntraOp Medical Corporation (OTCBB: IOPM), is changing all that. St. Joseph Hospital (Orange, Calif.), one of only 16 prestigious designated National Cancer Institute Community Cancer Centers, this month introduced the first ongoing intraoperative electron radiation therapy (IOERT) program for breast cancer. During lumpectomy surgery, St. Joseph's patients receive a high dose of therapy focused specifically on the tumor site, known as a "boost." Given the benefits, other facilities are expected to follow suit."

I wonder how many cancer treatment related stocks are going to run? All I can say is be careful, these stocks fall into and out of favor relatively fast!

Feel free to join the investor communities on to discuss these companies further!

BBI All The Right Moves

In a move to improve their portfolio and focus on new segments Blockbuster is closing up to 960 unprofitable stores. Again we see Blockbuster continuing to make the right moves as it closes in on competitors RedBox, and NetFlix!

"Dallas-based Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI) said the store closings are part of its strategy to “focus on portfolio optimization” by shutting down unprofitable stores."

Please consult an investment adviser before making any securities purchase!

They Say Optimists Live Longer, BUT

They say that optimists live longer, does that mean that realists live shorter lives? Does being an optimist apply to investing in penny stocks? I bet an investigation into the matter would find that as an investor being an optimist is not so fruitful.

By Julie Steenhuysen "CHICAGO (Reuters) - Optimists live longer, healthier lives than pessimists, U.S. researchers said on Thursday in a study that may give pessimists one more reason to grumble."

I know first hand that being an optimist while invested in a penny stock can be very stressful, and stress kills!

By Justine Blau "It's no surprise that constant stress can make people sick, and now a team of researchers has figured out how."

So why do people go down in a blaze of glory and not sell a penny stock which has made them a gain? Better yet, why are investors so optimistic about their penny stock holdings, even when they are down?
I used to be there, I did not understand how many of the small-cap stocks work. They have to hire people to be optimistic champions who help rally the team during up and down days. This sort of work is known as investor relations, pump, and a number of other names.
I learned about, and then joined the ranks of investor relations, but only after losing all my cash on a bum penny stock "Utopia Inc OTCBB:UTPA".
In my opinion it is way to stressful to be an optimist as a penny stock trader. If a gain is made it should be taken! Additionally, if a loss is suffered, it is better to get out with something than to hold out hope and get nothing.
Many of these penny stocks are in the early stages of development and this is when risk/reward is at its greatest. Unfortunately many companies represent greater risk than reward. So, being an optimistic penny stock investor is probably not the key to longevity!

Please consult an investment adviser before purchasing any security!

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GENova Revenue Projections Extravagant

I hope GENova exceeds their revenue projections as well. However, I think their projections are not appropriate for a press release.

"NEW YORK, NY, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - (OTCBB: GVBP) - GENova Biotherapeutics Inc. ("GENova") today announced it has signed an LOI with Prime BioResearch, Ltd. ("Prime BioResearch"), another drug acquisition company in the areas of drug development and distribution a business case that will save GENova millions every year in drug development and at the same time more than double GENova's distribution network enabling GENova to potentially exceed its own expectations of reaching 100m+ in revenue in year 3."

I think it is a bit early for GENova to be announcing the potential to capture 5% of a 3 billion dollar market.

"NEW YORK, NY, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - (OTCBB: GVBP) - GENova Biotherapeutics Inc. ("GENova"), a cancer drug acquisition and development company, is pleased to announce it has gained access to distribution channels for its promising drug targets through a recently-signed deal with Bridge BioResearch Plc. ("Bridge BioResearch"). GENova expects to generate licensing fees and royalties from the out-licensed manufacturing and marketing rights to leading pharmaceutical companies to exceed more than 5% in a market currently valued at "$3billion"+ a year over the following 15-20 years which is the duration of the patents."

I think we are starting to see this one turn into more of a marketing extravaganza rather than a solid company. I would exercise caution and consult an investment adviser before getting involved with this company!

VTRO Three Month Chart

As I looked over an old post on I found a comment about VTRO, Vertro is the old Miva. The three month stock chart for VTRO looks pretty impressive, maybe there is some life left!

I found this in their most recent press release. I seems as though they have adjusted their focus some.

Vertro, Inc. (NASDAQ:VTRO) is a software and technology company that owns and operates the ALOT product portfolio. ALOT's products are designed to 'Make the Internet Easy' by enhancing the way consumers engage with content online. Through ALOT, Internet users can discover best-of-the-web third party content and display that content through customizable toolbar, homepage and desktop products. ALOT has millions of live users across its product portfolio. Together these users conduct high-volumes of type-in search queries, which are monetized through third-party search and content agreements.

The stock was up a little today so I thought I would reintroduce this penny stock company to you!

Monday, September 14, 2009

BBI Blockbuster Up 10%

Blockbuster legged up on a quite day for Wall Street. The company has laid to rest most of its liquidity concerns.

"NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares of Blockbuster Inc. surged Monday after an analyst said the video rental company's decision to issue $340 million of senior notes should put to rest investor concerns about liquidity."

Now BBI Blockbuster can focus on competing with rivals Redbox, and NetFlix! I see this as a win for long term stakeholders of BBI!

Make sure you consult an registered investment adviser before purchasing securities!

Sanswire SNSR, This Says It All!

"For the quarter ended June 30, 2009, the Company reported a net loss of ($7,299,396), or ($0.04) per share, with no revenue, compared to a net loss of ($600,122), or ($0.01) per share, with no revenue for the quarter ended June 30, 2008."

When has penny stock SNSR Sanswire ever done anything for their shareholders? All this company does is spend money and deliver nothing, NO REVENUE!

In addition to the achievements we have made with our flight testing, our move to the Bulletin Boards this quarter will help us attract a more sophisticated and broader audience of individual and institutional investors, as well as increase our financing options and transparency in the investment community."

This company was once listed on the American Stock exchange, and it did not help them accomplish anything. All Globetel, now Sanswire, did was squander investors money!

For any of you who are still invested in SNSR and want to chat about it, look us up on the website. Their are currently over 200 subscribed members to the Sanswire community, join them!

GVBP Continues To Excite Investors

GVBP rockets up in early morning OTCBB penny stock trading! GVBP was up ten cents of %34 in early trading on the OTCBB market. The company had an early morning press release detailing that the company "INTENDS" to submit a filing subsequent to expected efficacious and non-toxic pre-clinical results for Prostaganin. We can not be certain the stock will continue to appreciate.

If we were invested in the company we would consider taking a profit. However, we are not invested in the company and will not be buying or selling shares of GVBP. Please consult an investment adviser when making any purchase of traded securities.

Prostaganin: Peptide for prostate cancer

For humans, one of the peptides' most important qualities is the ability to demonstrate complete inhibition of growth of prostate tumour xenografts. Furthermore, they can markedly reduce the secretion of the prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a biomarker widely known to be indicative of this malignancy. Therefore, GENova's Prostaganin is a candidate for development of an anti-cancer medicament for treatment of humans.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

GVBP Jumps In Early OTCBB Trading

The biotech company released news that they are working a drug to deal with prostate cancer. Apparently investors appetite is strong for prostate cancer drugs. Shares of GVBP were up .024 cents or %20 in early OTCBB trading. Other favorites were down in early trading WGAT and SPNG were each down %20 in early trading.

Genova Biotherapeutics Inc. News
The peptide, called Prostaganin, is a 21-amino compound which is highly reactive to prostate cancer cells, and has the ability to specifically target them. In laboratory experiments, Prostaganin has demonstrated an ability to preferentially bind to and disrupt certain negatively charged components of the membranes of prostate cancer cells.

Friday, September 04, 2009

WGAT Stock Unbelievable!

WGAT WorldGate has had an unbelievable run in 2009. I noticed a run on the stock in mid December and noted it on the website. I forgot all about it and now I see the stock has ran again!
WorldGate stock has gone from a few pennies to over 1$. This is one of those once a year penny stocks. Almost every year we see a stock run from sure failure to over $1. The penny stock traders dream is to catch it before the big run!
If you were able to ride WorldGate from its lows to its highs please leave us a message and state why you purchased the stock!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Retreat

Fannie Mae FNM, and Freddie Mac FRE continue to fall for the second day. Investors are worried that the financial crisis has only paused and will continue as bailout funds dry up.

Friday, August 28, 2009

SpongeTech Breaks Twenty Cent Barrier

SpongeTech is closing our a phenomenal week as the share price crosses the twenty cent barrier. As penny stocks go OTCBB SPNG as performed very well considering its share structure. I fear the stock could come crashing down at any moment.
If any of my friends owned this penny stock I would strongly encourage them to consider taking some off the table. Only time will tell how well SPNG will perform and if actual sales and revenue increase significantly the market could support the current share price. However, the current book value is .016 cents and a PE of 20 is to rich for me.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

BBI, Blockbuster Busts Over $1

In a day when most stocks were spiraling down penny stock BBI Blockbuster busted the $1 barrier. The stock has been under pressure since missing its quarterly estimates. After the big earnings miss I sent an email out to my closest friends alerting them to the significant role of BBI in the DVD by mail market.
Many of my friends generally do not care about penny stocks but Blockbuster is an outlier. BBI is one of the only large movie rental operations who will be able to convert to and compete with online DVD rental giant (NFLX) Netflix.
Today BBI jumped 12% and traded in a range of $.90 to $1.09. I believe BBI has the potential to trade at or above 5$ early next year and above $10 in 2010. Of course this just my opinion and I am not a financial adviser.

Please visit, become a member and post a message about your best stock!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MTLQQ Breaks 1$

Just a few weeks ago investors were warned by the SEC that Motors Liquidation Corporation would eventually become worthless. However, that is not coming to fruition, in-fact, the stock has continued to appreciate! What do these buyers of MTLQQ stock know that we do not know, or are they fools?
I have to believe they are fools buying fools gold. I believe the stock has little or no value at all! Buying MTLQQ at $1 IMHO is like throwing money into a fire. Eventually the stock will become worthless!
Attention buyers of MTLQQ, what the heck are you doing. Please stop throwing your money into this worthless penny stock. If you get this message please leave a comment stating why you are a buyer of MTLQQ!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Center Stage

We thought it would take generations for FRE and FNM to claw their ways out from penny stock status. However, to our surprise both penny stocks proved us wrong. Today both FNM and FRE crossed the $1 mark. In-fact, FRE moved well over $1.
I do not believe there is any significant evidence that the market will continue to support these inflated prices. The two lending agencies are laden with debt and FNM recently asked for an additional 10 billion to cover its losses. There is certainly some over zealous buyers in the market and they will probably regret jumping on the hysterical buying trend.
Taking into consideration the recent trends in the market and the significant improvement of banks bottom lines. We feel it is time for the Federal Reserve to stop giving our money away!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Google, Yahoo, and Bing Whats Up?

Much of what I write on this blog about penny stocks. The reason I write about them is because Google, Yahoo, and Bing are supposed to give a little love when it comes to ranking in their search engines. However, the trend has been south for It seems like the more we post about penny stocks the harsher we are treated in the SERPS. What's up with that?

I was doing a little research on an investors social networking website. Currently the site is under development. Any site worth its weight is always under some kind of development, right?
I found some very interesting, dare I use the term, penny stocks, which I think you will be interested in. Apparently most of you are not interested in my ranting about political views, LOL.
First in line PUDZ, formerly PUDC Puda Coal, a China based coal mining operation. The three month chart for the former PUDC looked excellent, and the reversed chart looks pretty good as well. I do not know what the companies plans are as far as financing, but if they are reasonable the stock could perform well.
The second company I want to share with you is ETLY, the stock chart for this one has exploded over the last few weeks. I'm not as sure about the future of this one, but currently the chart is looking strong.
The third company is a revisit, I mentioned it on the penny stocks blog and will address it again here. The company is a popular one, SPNG Spongetech, a company selling various cleaning sponges. The company appears to have a lot going for it. However, I have to warn you, the structure of the company is a bit out of line! I would not be all that excited about the company unless they retire more like 500,000,000 of the outstanding shares. It is very unpopular to go against a trend in a penny stock but I have to. Here is a look at what we know about the structure.

Spongetech Delivery Share Structure

Average Volume (3 month)3:96,415,300
Average Volume (10 day)3:71,982,500
Shares Outstanding5:722.87M

The company I want you to take a look at is an oil stock. The Ticker symbol is MPET Magellen Patroleum Corp. I have been a fan of the company for several years and the stock chart is pretty compelling. The stock has been holding just under 1$ but recently has moved above the 1$ mark and could continue to move.

I hope you enjoy these stocks and do your Due Diligence!
A few more to look at I like.

The Sales Approach To Investor Relations

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Penny Stock Motors Liquidation Hot

Why are shares of Motors Liquidation, the old GM (Pink Sheets:MTLQQ), being purchased by anyone at any price? Penny stock investors must be disillusioned at the possibility that Motors Liquidation shares will eventually end at a value of zero. The only option for American investors seeking to hold shares of a publicly traded auto maker are Ford Motor Company ticker (NYSE:F Network).
Ford has seen its time as a penny stock. For several moths Ford traded under 5$ the bench mark which many trading houses determine as margin able or not. Today shares of Ford trade near $6 and as many of my family members know, it is one of my favorite stocks. Ford has positioned its self to take advantage of lost dealers.
I find it unfortunate, but most who are snapping up shares of Motor Liquidation stock will end up with nothing. There are many other penny stocks which have a better chance at producing a profit.

SEC Warns investors and short term traders about buying MTLQQ.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MXAM Maxam Gold Solution For EPA's Hazardous Fly Ash?

Wow, Maxam gold, has anyone heard from them in the last two years? The company has all but fallen of the face of the planet! In 2007 the company attempted a few campaigns to raise awareness for the common stock. However, after the death of their CEO, and my good friend, retired LT Colonel Dale Runyon, the company has fallen asleep.
The company was engaged in the development of process which recovered or extracted precious and hazardous metals from sand and fly ash.

Read Here

Fly Ash Statistics

Last year, Maxam announced its intent to expand business interests into other areas and become less reliant solely on precious metals for its overall business successes. Further, the announcement named Maxam's "wholistic" approach for treating waste materials to make the environment more safe and utilize by-products of waste material further. During the past year Maxam has analyzed "Fly Ash" deposits from 15 separate coal fired electric generating plants, and has been determined that Maxam's process technology is capable to upgrade Coal Combustion By-Products (CCPS), commonly known as "Fly Ash".

Presently, annual production of CCPS exceeds100-million tons, of which only 25-million tons is marketed in the United States. Fly Ash is used as (1) a pozzolan to partially replace Portland cement in ready mixed concrete and concrete products; (2) an additive to portland cement to produce a portland pozzolan blended cement; (3) an additive in downhole cementing of oil wells; (4) a primary constituent in flowable grout to fill voids under concrete slabs and underground tank voids and the CCPS industry has determined that greater quantities of Fly Ash could be marketed if detrimental elements were removed, or at least reduced.

Preliminary laboratory tests indicate that between 79% and 98% of several metals in commercial quantities are removable through use of the Maxam process technology. Analyses from 13 of the 15 electric generating plants reflected that all 12 of the environmentally detrimental elements were reduced to acceptable levels, leaving the Fly Ash to meet EPA ground water quality standards. Utilization of the Maxam process, from results of these tests, allows processing facilities to provide Fly Ash contract marketers with greater quantities of more marketable product.

Maxam Resource Recovery, LLC

To provide specific concentration on the business of extraction and recovery of several metals in commercial quantities from the Fly Ash produced at coal fired power generating plants, Maxam established Maxam Resource Recovery, LLC, which when practical will establish a separate operating entity at each power generating plant contracted for the benefaction of Fly Ash. It is intended that this decision will result in additional profit margins for power generating plants, contract Fly Ash marketers, and of course Maxam Resource Recovery, LLC.
Yesterday the EPA released a laundry list of sites containing hazardous amounts of Fly Ash. If we can put Maxam Gold together with these Fly Ash pits and the Government will help fund them. Maxam Gold stands to appreciate several times over. Looking at the Maxam Gold chart we can see that some buying has been coming into the company.

I have no affiliation with the company and do not know the present CEO.
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Friday, April 03, 2009

Penny Stock News On Fridays Good Or Bad?

One of the things I learned as a penny stock trader is that most penny stocks avoid releasing news on a Friday. Is there something about a Friday that makes news less desirable to investors? Not really, but I have noticed there are significantly fewer market participants on Fridays. Especially Fridays which include a holiday, like Easter!
But really, should penny stock companies avoid releasing press on a Friday? The argument which suggests releasing penny stock news on a Friday is that fewer people will see it. Could it be argued that more people will see news released on a Friday? In some cases I think both are true.
If a penny stock releases news on a Friday its true that there are fewer market participants and they will not be able to buy the stock if noticed over the weekend. However, do you really want that sort of buying coming into your penny stock? I would rather have a long term trader enter my company than a short term trader.
Many news streams remain live over a weekend and many times the company which last released news remains on that page for the entire weekend. This could be a great benefit for the company if it released interesting news! for instance would feature the last story of the week on its main page the entire weekend or at least until five new stories were poster. However, the likeliness of five new OTCBB penny stock stories being posted would be pretty low considering the stigma around releasing news on Friday and over the weekend.
So, would it be a good idea for a penny stock company to release news late on Friday, I think so! In many cases their story will be featured the entire weekend on many penny stock web sites including

Thursday, April 02, 2009

10 Hot Tips For New Penny Stock Traders

Are you new to trading penny stocks? Not to worry; after you read the following recommendations you'll have a huge foundation to build on!

Get A Quality Brokerage

It's important to locate a quality discount brokerage house with low commissions for your penny stock trading especially if you trade smaller blocks of stock, commissions can be costly. I use and recommend Sogotrade - only 3 dollars a trade.

Throw Away The High Expectations

Don't have high expectations - you're a beginner so don't expect huge % gains to come quickly and right off the bat. If you have high expectations when you start down here in pennystock land you're just affecting yourself and you're trading negatively. With high expectations comes pressure to perform, and as a penny stock trader you don't need to deal with unneeded pressure.

Start Small

You should start trading with small positions. As a newbie, don't put all your eggs into one basket. Spread you money around in different stocks so you're cutting your risk especially in your beginning stages. As you grow more comfortable trading penny stocks you can increase position size in a specific stock to the point where you're trading two, three, maybe even one stock (I wouldn't recommend this) with your whole account.

Do Your Own Homework

Don't buy a penny stock just because it's was posted on a message board or in a chat room. Do your own research and due diligence - I promise you'll trade better because you're comfortable with your own decisions plus it's more gratifying to profit from a stock that you uncovered and researched yourself.

Get a Mentor

Find a mentor or educator and follow his site. I remember when I first started I was always just trying to find inspiration and to know that I can succeed and profit from trading penny stocks. So it's very important and I'm sure you think the same, to find a website/mentor that can give you inspiration and education.

Don't Be Greedy

This tip builds off tip #2 - don't be greedy! I can't tell you how bad traders mess up when they just want more and more. What usually happens is that end up earning less profit or watch a profit turn to a loss.

Don't Get Over Confident

Don't get over confident, if you've made a great winning trade congratulate yourself (cause you deserve it) and move on to the next stock. Don't feel like you're invincible, because well, you aren't. You're just as much likely to loose all you gained in that winning trade in your next trade if you trade with a cocky attitude. Trade intelligently!

Trade Instead Of Invest

So you are thinking you want to invest in a penny stock at $.01 and sell when it goes to $1.00? It's rarely the case that a penny stock can make you a lot of money if you invest with it long term. Very few of these penny stocks are actually legit companies therefore most will never go up in the long-term. What most penny stock traders do is trade the hottest, volatile, volume-heavy penny stocks each day holding them for the short-term.

Short Selling

You can make money when penny stocks go down, too! It's called short selling and while it's not exactly for a newbie, if you're up for it you should definitely try it out. If you think a penny stock is going to go down, you short it, and make money when it goes down. It's that simple. Get my FREE ebook at to learn how to do it.

Stay Tuned

Keep up to date with my site for daily hot penny stocks to watch & make sure to follow every tip to insure your success in penny stock trading.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Social Health Care Obama 2.0

The Obama Administration continues to pursue the idea of socialized health care. We have seen the effects of such programs in communist countries. Social health care Obama 2.0 is a terrible idea for America. We have seen what happened to banking when when liberal social programs were introduced. Our entire banking system is on or in the process of collapse.

Health care workers are already stretched thin! To ask then to do more for less would be a careless move. In the news I have noticed the Obama Social 2.0 pitch. They are testing the waters for their social moves. I am responding to those tests, we don't need or want it!

An Obama social 2.0 health care system would require those who pay for health care to wait in line with those who do not pay. By opening the doors to every procedure for everyone regardless of payment Obama will over-run the health care system. Essentially, no-one will receive quality health care. Additionally, over worked health care workers will seek employment in fields that are yet to be taken by the Obama social 2.0 program.

If Obama social 2.0 health care is successful, I propose a private health care system be created in areas outside the reach of social 2.0. One which individuals can continue to pay their premiums and have access to quality health care. One where they do not have to stand in line with non payers.


I must apologies for not updating you all about hot penny stocks. I have been entirely engulfed in the political BS overtaking the air waves. Additionally, the market has been pretty poor as of late. I will adjust my focus back to penny stocks shortly.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

TALF Scam Launched

The TALF (Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility) is targeted at unlocking the Asset Backed Securities market. The program intends to offer favorable loans to buyers of ABS in hopes of unlocking the credit market. The Federal Reserve believes TALF will clear the way for as much as 1 trillion in new lending.

What Obama and the Federal reserve are not taking into consideration. They are not considering the variables which allowed lending to inflate during the 90's and 2000. Bad burrowers were getting loans to purchase bad properties. Now the bad properties are worthless, literally worthless. Lenders were issuing loans for properties which should have been torn down. Today the assets lenders have on the books are worthless than their tear down costs.
Why, because the homes in the Midwest were not properly winterized and have sustained extensive water damage. These losses have not yet been recorded on banks books. This failure to account for entire losses is intentional and should be considered a fraud to investors.

This crisis is far from over, the aftershocks will have a long lasting effect on the burrowing and lending system. Ignorance is not an excuse, Ben, banks and the Federal reserve are fully aware of these losses. They are just ignoring them in hopes that the market will forgive their intentional error.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

AIG Announces The New Deal/Steal/Theft/Fraud?

AIG a defunct insurance provider has become one of the most heavily traded penny stocks in history. Over the weekend AIG informed the Federal government of a new plan to steal funds from Americans. Under the new deal additional funds will be made available to the floundering insurer. Funds previously given to AIG will have some kind of forgiveness and required interest rates will be reworked, certainly a losing proposition for Americans.
With the roughly $200 billion wasted defrauding Americans through AIG hundreds of new colleges could have been built. Delaying the inevitable loss of a failed business practice will not turn America from the recession it is currently in. Investing in higher education will not turn us out of our current depression. NOTHING will turn us out of the current depression. However, significant investment in HIGHER education will help prevent similar events from occurring in the future.
Please stop the waste, fraud, and abuse being committed against Americans through the governments failed bailout attempts. Government does not know what it is doing. Government does not care about what it is doing. Government has no business doing what it is doing. Americans will make the best decisions when it comes to spending and saving, not the federal government.
AIG is a lost cause, it never should have been given a dime. AIG was only saved to prevent the elite from losing everything they had. The special case ELITE have had plenty of time to dump their remaining investments in AIG. Now only foolish Americans attempting to make it big in the stock market will lose. Regardless, it is time to let this penny stock pig fail. Please do not foolishly throw any more good money after bad!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Citigroup Announces The New Deal

It appears the Government is willing to further waste American tax dollars. In a scheme hatched to eliminate any real claim Americans have in Citigroup, federal regulators have expressed a willingness to convert already owned preferred shares in Citigroup to common stock.

The real problem with converting to common stock is that it will become worthless when Citigroup goes through bankruptcy. Who benefits when we convert preferred stock to common stock? Preferred stock has benefits beyond voting and or dividends. Many times preferred share holders are first on the list when dividends are distributed and they are not diluted when additional common shares are disbursed.

I do not know all the structure details for Citigroup preferred shares. The point here is that preferred shares are worth far more than common shares in this economy. Anyone who would agree to a conversion at this point would have to be a complete idiot or a criminal claiming to act in the best interest of the American public. Unless Americans are guaranteed greater than 51% collective stake in Citigroup we should keep our current preferred or sell our preferred position to another entity.


Under no circumstances should our current preferred stake in Citigroup be converted to common stock! It would be an act of waste fraud and abuse to do so!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Extreme Tax 2.0

The new buzz is all around tax 2.0 an era of extreme taxation with less representation. Those of us who work or intend on working in the future are facing the sad Obama reality that tax 2.0 could double or triple our tax expense. I currently reside in state where social 2.0 taxation is rampant.

Lets talk health care, why should health care be socialized? No response, that's because their are no benefits to adopting a social approach to health care. Health care workers will find they are over worked and under compensated, and fewer will find the field attractive. Instead they may opt to drive a bus or a taxi cab as many do in Moscow.

On another note, the house of representatives passed a pork barrel bill worth 400 billion, ah what the heck! Why even read it, it no longer matters what Americans want. It's all about what the liberal media wants, right? I only wish they would have included an additional 80 million dollars for a pet project I would like to see completed for the University of Wisconsin River Falls go Falcons (UWRF)!

PennyMarkets is dedicated to bringing light to penny stocks. However, I have found myself getting more and more upset with how politicians have been handling our tax dollars. I am sorry some of you have not been getting the penny stocks content you were looking for. I will make an better attempt at including more blog posts about penny stocks!

Thanks so much for visiting your source for penny stocks news.

Treasury Finds Way To Waste Second 350 Billion

Treasury says big banks can get more bailout funds, but at what expense?

Why is the new plan as bad or worse than the first disbursement of TARP funds? The second disbursement gives banks the option to convert tax payer owned preferred shares into common stock before they file for bankruptcy. This is a terrible benefit to American tax payers. We will be left with nothing when banks decide to go through bankruptcy. Again we will see the heartless politicians pretending to care about our significant losses.

Bail Out Bad Borrowers Too?

Ben Bernanke and Barney Frank,

Are you out of your lucid mind? Hell no, we are not going to bailout bad borrowers too. Just for uttering the idiotic idea you should be locked away in a prison. It's liberal crap like that which has landed us in our current situation.
Home owners who can't pay their mortgages should be thrown in a prison cell next to you for committing mortgage application fraud. What the heck is the matter with these people. Sure were facing hardships, so what. Get a grip, it's not the end of the world. We need to allow the steps already taken to work. Everyone in America knows home values continue to be overpriced across the board. Until overvalued home and land prices fall no-one is going to buy them.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Knock Knock. Who's There? Citigroup A Penny Stock

Once again Citigroup is banging on the door and the Federal Government is there to throw your money away. Reports this morning are suggesting the Federal Government is mulling the idea of purchasing as much as forty percent of the ailing bank.
When is enough, enough? Citigroup promptly squandered the initial billions American tax payers invested. The American public will need more than a wink and a nod before they would ever invest with Citigroup again, right? Probably not, the Federal Government once again is going to throw our moeny down a rat hole.
We have watched our initial forty-billion-dollar investment drop significantly in value. In-fact, much of our initial investment is worthless in the form of warrants. Since our initial investment Citigroups stock has joined th e ranks of risky penny stocks.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where's The Change?

Democrats and republicans are both responsible for the garbage in and around D.C.. I have heard time and time again that what we get out of D.C. is to be expected. Why has a certain level of underhanded dishonesty from our representatives become expected? Why don't we demand a higher standard from them? Is it because we're too lazy to say "get the heck out"?
It's time; we need to hold our representatives accountable to our best interests, not theirs. If they are unable or unwilling to conform, we need to get rid of them. The socially acceptable norm of corruption has to stop.
Last night a bill was passed that spends an additional 780 billion dollars. Can anyone tell me exactly what the money will be spent on? How many meaningful self sustaining jobs will be created from this bill? The White House started out by saying as many as 4 million jobs would be created or saved. Now they are saying 3.5 million. There are reports out that the number of jobs which the bill will create is much smaller, more like 1 to 3 million jobs. I thought the new administration of change was supposed to be more open and honest with the American public, however I see nothing except the same.
I would like to hear someone intimately familiar with economics explain how America is facing the worst economic crisis. President Obama using his or else tactics will not scare me into action; I am numb to those tactics. They are the same tactics President Bush used time and time again. In-fact, just days after leaving office Vice President Dick Cheney was quoted as saying America was vulnerable to another terrorist attack! Enough already!
Terror attacks occur every day in America. News papers and television stations report random shootings, drive by shootings, unexplained people found dead in allies. How many people die every day in D.C.? Compare this to the number of people killed in terrorist attacks. America is sick of "alarmisms".

Friday, February 13, 2009

Forclosure Plan To Ruin America

A recent plan announced by the Obama administration and Tim Geithner will destroy the housing market for ever. In a recent press release the talking heads discussed a plan in which the government would pay banks to lower payments for delinquint home owners. The welfare administration claims America is facing the worst economic dowtrun ever. However, the downturn for homeowners has been extremely limited to people who never should have had loans in the first place.
Everywhere we look we see SUV's and quad cab trucks driving up and down the roads. Movie theatres and restraunts enjoy full houses. No sir, the worst ever economic downturn is an aboration of the coolaid drinkers in D.C.. Sure, in some locations across America there is a certain changover ocuring, however, in a competitive economy that should be expected.
We need to stand up for our selves. D.C. and Wall Street have fraudulently determined the direction of America long enough. Consumers have spoken; we drive supply and demand. If we no longer desire a company's product it's because it has been replaced or we do not need or want it. Grow up, Obama administration: consumers decide which companies survive not D.C. and Wall Street.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Stimulus Scam Heard Around The World

It appears that today the stimulus scam President Obama, Congress, and The Senate have been constructing is ready.

I saw this in a press release today.

"The RealtyTrac report said nearly 67,000 properties were repossessed by lenders in January as the worst recession in decades, falling home values and stricter lending standards continue to sap the U.S. real estate market. That was up from more than 45,000 repossessed properties in January 2008, but down from 79,000 in December."

Really, is this the heart of our problem. 300 million Americans, and 60,000-70,000 lose their homes to foreclosure and the entire banking system is in crisis? I don't think so. Something else is helping this crisis along. Oil prices hit a record $150 per barrel and energy prices are on the rise. That's the real reason behind the economic downturn, not foreclosures.
How will stemming the minimal amount of foreclosures help lower energy costs? I don't know. Tim Geithner must believe foreclosures are somewhat important. Geithner has devoted 50 billion or 5.5% of the stimulus funds to stemming the foreclosure epidemic.
President Obama proposes ethanol as the key to the economic crisis. However, after reviewing the fuel efficiency of vehicles operating on E-85 I have found that it costs nearly double to operate an E-85 vehicle. I do not see how E-85 will help American realize energy independence.
We have learned that the so called housing crisis is not the real problem in America and we have learned that E-85 is not the solution to Americas growing energy crisis.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Economic Stimulus Scam Unfolding

As a once popular song went "If I had a trillion dollars". That's what democrats and republicans are singing on capitol hill. The recent anticipated downturn in the housing market has caused a ripple through the U.S. and world economies. The new stimulus plan seeks to prevent an economic disaster.
According to my readings we nowhere near the worst economic times. President Obama and his team must be drinking cool-aid while they are reviewing the numbers. We are not as bad off as we were in the 1980's. So, why are the cool-aid heads seeking the worlds largest stimulus package? Simple, they are opportunists, yes that's right, just like predators who feed on the weak. They see an opportunity to scare the public with unfounded information in order rape the American tax payers.
Sure, some good will come from their pet projects. However, there will be extensive and flagrant waste, fraud, and abuse. President Obama, and his team have schemed a new method for skirting representation for taxation. They are poring billions of dollars directly into state general funds. This will allow the states to commit the funds as needed. The general fund method is amusing, but will result in the same waste, fraud, and abuse as usual.
As tax payers, those of you who pay taxes, you should be deeply concerned with where your money is going. We should not come to expect a bit of waste, fraud, and abuse as a part of the political process. We need to demand our representatives represent us, and us only.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama Can't Understand Why Americans Say No

Dear President Obama,

Are you really uncertain as to why Americans do not want your stimulus plan? I think President Obama and his administration very clearly understand why Americans are standing in opposition to his stimulus plan. We Americans do not support the plan because it will serve as another fluff bailout for individuals who do not need or deserve it. To be very honest, no one deserves a bailout of any kind.

"I think this is another chance for the president to talk directly to the American people about what he thinks is at stake," Gibbs said. "Watching millions lose their jobs, and having in front of Congress -- and hopefully in front of him soon -- a plan to save or create millions more jobs and get people back to work, putting money in people's pockets, getting help for state and local governments so they don't have to lay off firefighters or teachers or police officers."

As the rest of the working public suffers, President Obama must be declaring state and local governments, police officers, and teachers a protected job class. I firmly believe in equal opportunity when it comes to unemployment. If a Americans working in a factory have to go without, so to does a police officer, teacher, state and local government.

The US economy is not a perpetual money making machine. It has it's ups and downs, and until government recognizes that fact, they will continue to make giant budget errors. So please, just allow the inevitable to happen. State and local government services have bloated for to long, we need to make reductions.

I have emailed, and phoned my representatives to let know where I stand on this bailout package. They have given every indication that they will go forward with the plan. They have NO intention of voting against the stimulus package. I guess Wisconsinites and what they want does not matter.

Kind, Feingold, Kohl

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Stimulus Bill Includes Clubhouse, Golf Course, and Tennis Courts

Today governors converged in D.C. to push their support for the stimulus package. Talking heads are claiming 70% of Americans show support for the stimulus package. Frankly, I find the 70% margin really hard to believe. I do not support any stimulus package because the government has proven to be very ineffective in causing such efforts to be effective. I would also like to point out the criminal tax evading activity of several of President Obama's appointees. Why would he even consider tax evaders for these very important political positions?
I have contacted my representatives about the bailout/stimulus. I informed them that I am disgusted with their inability to safeguard Americans against waste, fraud, and abuse.
I contend that Americans everywhere are not suffering any more now than they were 10, 50, or 100 years ago. This stimulus package will serve nothing more than the select few who lobby congress and the senate. As an American, I am telling you, we do not want your stimulus package! We do not want anyones stimulus package, republican or democrat, we just do not want it.

Response from Herb Kohl:

February 3, 2009

Dear Mr.:

Americans everywhere are suffering due to the economic
downturn, with jobs, life savings, and basic needs at stake. Our
economy has officially been in a recession since December 2007,
and America has lost 2.6 million jobs in that time, the biggest loss
since 1945. I support a broad recovery package to help struggling
families through these difficult times and jumpstart our faltering
economy through sound investments. I appreciate hearing your
thoughts on this issue, and welcome this opportunity to respond.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
strikes a balance between government investments and tax breaks
to foster economic development and help Americans make ends
meet. The package invests in energy independence, education,
health care, transportation, job training, and small businesses.
Additionally, the legislation includes tax breaks such as the
"Making Work Pay" tax credit, which reduces payroll taxes for
middle class Americans and increases take home pay on every
paycheck. Existing federal benefits for disabled veterans and
seniors will also be increased to help these vulnerable populations,
and the earned income tax credit will be expanded to assist the
nation's struggling working families.

I am working hard to ensure the recovery package helps
those Americans who need it most. I led efforts in the Senate to
include $1 billion for job training programs to help displaced
workers update their skills, because putting people back to work is
fundamental to restarting the economy. As Chairman of the
Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee, I supported a
temporary boost in food stamps. I also fought for school
breakfasts and lunches, and the Women, Infants, and Children
program (WIC). With people losing their jobs, I am committed to
keeping resources in place to help families put food on the table.
Most economists agree that a food stamp increase, because of the
way food stamps are distributed and spent, is one of the quickest
ways for government to stimulate the economy.

While I believe an expansive recovery package is necessary
to confront the recession, it is critical for Congress to spend these
funds prudently and avoid waste, fraud, and abuse. The American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act does not include any earmarks.
The legislation uses formula-based funding that flows directly to
the states. Formula funding allows state and local officials - who
best know state and local needs - to direct resources to the highest
priority projects. They can also direct resources to projects that are
most "ready to go."

I will keep your thoughts in mind as the legislation comes
before the full Senate. I have heard from many Wisconsinites with
a wide range of viewpoints on this issue, and I appreciate every
letter and phone call I receive because they help me to know what
is important to people back home. Please do not hesitate to contact
me again in the future if I can be of any further assistance to you.


Herb Kohl
U.S. Senator
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Monday, February 02, 2009

Sen Dodd Caught In CountryWide VIP Scandal

Today Sen Dodd admitted to receiving something called a VIP mortguages from lender CountryWide Financial. As many Americans were caught up in unethical lending practices known as adjustable Arms Sen Dodd was on the recieveing end of very favorable VIP terms.
Sen Dodd is currently the Chair of the Senate Banking Committie.
"I just wanted to put this behind us," siad Dodd. Sen Dodd heard of his favorable status over a year ago, but only now is deciding to end his VIP status with CountryWide Financial.
A rash of scandals has hit the Democratic party as they are attempting to pass the largest stimulus package in US history. I am very concerned with the integrity of both political parties. Perhaps now is not the time to be pushing such a large package through. Maybe we need to take a deeper look at ethics in Washington D.C. before we risk any further ebarasment .

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let The Stimulus Scam Begin!

Despite the waste packed in the stimulus package Barack Obama and the house democrats pushed the $819 billion waste filled stimulus package through.

"We don't have a moment to spare," The waste must
begin now Obama declared.

Only eight days after Inauguration Day, Speaker Nancy Pelosi heralded a new era of waste, fraud, and abuse. "The ship of state is difficult to turn?" stated the California Democrat, many wondered if she was intoxicated. "But that is what we must do. That is what President Obama called us to do in his inaugural address."

A new era of waste fraud and abuse had been initiated by the unbalanced, unchecked democratic party. I hope only that something good can come from this, however it is highly unlikely. The bill is stuffed with pork programs for the rich and famous contributors of the democratic party. It should only take a few weeks for the fraud and scams to begin. In record time nearly a trillion dollars of tax payer money will be lost, and no accountability will be had. It is truly a dark sad day in America.

No Stimulus, No Bailout Please

Please consider allowing the markets to clear themselves (Adam Smith). Allowing this to occur would give America a great new start, just as the great depression did. By pumping money into the market today, you are only prolonging an eminent DISASTER. Please stop the hysteria in D.C. created by lobbyists on Wall Street.
I am an American living the American dream. I make less than fifty thousand dollars per year. I am currently a college student. I am saving my money to purchase a home, and falling home prices have made owning a home more possible. Please do not pass this RIDICULOUS stimulus package, it will only make living the American dream more difficult for everyone.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Citigroup On The Brink Issues Dividend?

Call me old fashioned, but why the heck is Citigroup issuing a dividend? They just scooped American tax payers for billions of dollars. Their business model stinks, and they are failing. What is their major malfunction, as my father would put it? I guess the major shareholders need one last payment before Citi is split up.

– 6.5% Non-Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock, Series T, payable February 17, 2009, to holders of record on February 5, 2009. Holders of depositary receipts, each representing one-thousandth of a full convertible preferred share, will be paid $.8125 for each receipt held.

– 8.125% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series AA, payable February 17, 2009, to holders of record on February 5, 2009. Holders of depositary receipts, each representing one-thousandth of a full preferred share, will be paid $.5078125 for each receipt held.

– 8.50% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series F, payable March 16, 2009, to holders of record on March 5, 2009. Holders of depositary receipts, each representing one-thousandth of a full preferred share, will be paid $.53125 for each receipt held.

Friday, January 16, 2009

TARP Fails to Save Citigroup and Citi Joins Penny Stocks

When large cap stocks fall below $5 they become considered a penny stock. Many stocks this year have fallen below the $5 mark, and several have fallen below $1. As penny stocks these comapnies become less likely to be held in large portfolios. Citigroup is almost certainly a corner stone in many large portfolios. So, not only has Citigroups failure produced tremendous losses for these portfolios, they also have to sell their positions if they fall below$5. As such, I would expect to see continued pressure on Citigroups stock. Not to mention the company has been nothing but trouble since the financial crisis set in.

"Most institutional investors—pension funds, endowments and the like—are prohibited from owning stock worth less than $5."

Citigroup joins the ranks of several other failed stocks.

AIG, GNW, S, FRE, FNM, Ford, and GM

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Americans Say No To TARP (Wall Street Bailout)

TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) has been a hot button for me since it's inception. I, and all Americans knew the fraud TAPR would, and has become. We warned our representatives in congress, and in the senate. Our representatives chose to ignore our concerns. Why did they ignore us, because they had something to gain. These large institutions which gained at our expense contribute regularly to both republicans and democrats.
We must display our disapproval of elected representatives actions. We must replace them with individuals who truly seek to bring benefit to society as a whole. I am certain the motives of the majority of our representatives are misguided or self serving. I can not conclude that they have acted in Americans best interest. I let their record speak for it's self.
Why are our representatives going forward with the second disbursement of TARP? They failed Americans so horribly with their first attempt. Literally billions of dollars have been committed, recklessly, to waste fraud and abuses by the Wall Street bailout.

Is it the responsibility of savers to save those who refuse to save?
Is it the responsibility of those who work to save those who refuse to work?
Is it the responsibility of those who contribute to society to save those who refuse?
Is it the responsibility of those who do not commit fraud to bailout those who do?

Ask yourself these questions, are these your responsibilities? If we ignore these responsibilities will they correct themselves? I think the majority of these problems would correct, however we have to give them a chance.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TARP The Great Fraud (Financial Crisis)

Jim McGovern and Barney Fraud Frank are convinced they need the second issuance of TARP funds. Politicians are failing to recognize their utter failure to protect the trusting American tax payer. They fail to recognize their personal failure to impose responsible limits on the initial disbursement of TARP (Wall Street Bailout).
The continued finger pointing between the parties does not serve the tax payer, it serves nothing. I am more than disgusted with self serving democrats and republicans who approved the TARP fraud.
Why is it that every American, every American, except those in Washington DC recognized the folly TARP would become!
I personally took the time to contact all the representatives in my district and in several other districts about the fraud that would occur. Politicians do not care, they simply want to waste your money. They will say anything it takes to get it. Once they have the second round of TARP funds in hand, they will waste it as needed.
My friends, it is to late for garbage changes, tell them to keep their changes. Politicians had their chance to do it right and they failed, they failed horribly!

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Friday, January 02, 2009

CitiGroup Bailout (Confusion)

Am I the only one confused about the details of the Citigroup bailout?

Citigroup washed 300 billion in terrible investments early in the TARP program. Recently we are hearing reports about an additional 20 billion dollars. It remains unclear how the funds will be used by Citigroup. Citigroup claims they are building some sort of self regulating body to manage the funds (are you kidding me, a self governing body LOL).
Either way, I would love to hear about the details regarding the initial 300 billion wash of loss leading assets. Any comments pertaining to the money thrown down the trap hole known as Citigroup are welcome!

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