Thursday, March 05, 2009

Social Health Care Obama 2.0

The Obama Administration continues to pursue the idea of socialized health care. We have seen the effects of such programs in communist countries. Social health care Obama 2.0 is a terrible idea for America. We have seen what happened to banking when when liberal social programs were introduced. Our entire banking system is on or in the process of collapse.

Health care workers are already stretched thin! To ask then to do more for less would be a careless move. In the news I have noticed the Obama Social 2.0 pitch. They are testing the waters for their social moves. I am responding to those tests, we don't need or want it!

An Obama social 2.0 health care system would require those who pay for health care to wait in line with those who do not pay. By opening the doors to every procedure for everyone regardless of payment Obama will over-run the health care system. Essentially, no-one will receive quality health care. Additionally, over worked health care workers will seek employment in fields that are yet to be taken by the Obama social 2.0 program.

If Obama social 2.0 health care is successful, I propose a private health care system be created in areas outside the reach of social 2.0. One which individuals can continue to pay their premiums and have access to quality health care. One where they do not have to stand in line with non payers.


I must apologies for not updating you all about hot penny stocks. I have been entirely engulfed in the political BS overtaking the air waves. Additionally, the market has been pretty poor as of late. I will adjust my focus back to penny stocks shortly.

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