Sunday, March 01, 2009

AIG Announces The New Deal/Steal/Theft/Fraud?

AIG a defunct insurance provider has become one of the most heavily traded penny stocks in history. Over the weekend AIG informed the Federal government of a new plan to steal funds from Americans. Under the new deal additional funds will be made available to the floundering insurer. Funds previously given to AIG will have some kind of forgiveness and required interest rates will be reworked, certainly a losing proposition for Americans.
With the roughly $200 billion wasted defrauding Americans through AIG hundreds of new colleges could have been built. Delaying the inevitable loss of a failed business practice will not turn America from the recession it is currently in. Investing in higher education will not turn us out of our current depression. NOTHING will turn us out of the current depression. However, significant investment in HIGHER education will help prevent similar events from occurring in the future.
Please stop the waste, fraud, and abuse being committed against Americans through the governments failed bailout attempts. Government does not know what it is doing. Government does not care about what it is doing. Government has no business doing what it is doing. Americans will make the best decisions when it comes to spending and saving, not the federal government.
AIG is a lost cause, it never should have been given a dime. AIG was only saved to prevent the elite from losing everything they had. The special case ELITE have had plenty of time to dump their remaining investments in AIG. Now only foolish Americans attempting to make it big in the stock market will lose. Regardless, it is time to let this penny stock pig fail. Please do not foolishly throw any more good money after bad!

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