Wednesday, July 26, 2006

CWPC: The Little Company that Could

We all love a success story. We love to see the underdog succeed, the good guy win, and the small company that does well. This desire to see the small company that does well has kept my eye on CanWest Petroleum Corporation (OTCBB Penny Stocks: CWPC). This company is emerging as a force to be reckoned with. They have a hand in everyone’s pot, it seems. CanWest Petroleum has the right to own nearly72% in Oilsands Quest, a private company operating out of Alberta. The company owns 100% in the Eagle Nest Project, and 98% of the Pasquia Hills Oil Shale. Can we say “diversified”?

There is no such thing as a sure thing. Petroleum is about as close as anything gets to being a sure thing, though. Unless the cars of tomorrow are all suddenly banished from the road, and we all go back to wood burning stoves; unless motorboats and RV’s are outlawed; unless our ways of life are suddenly brought to a devastating halt, our need for petroleum is going to continue to remain, continue to grow. So why isn’t everyone investing in oil? As stated earlier, there is no such thing as a sure thing; this makes environmentalists cringe, as well as would-be investors. Oil is a huge part of our economy. It is a huge part of our society, and we are all dependent on companies like CWPC for our way of life.

Friday, July 21, 2006

PWAC: Power Air Engages TerraNova Capital as Agent for $5 Million Institutional Placement

(OTCBB:PWAC) today announced that it has signed an agency agreement with TerraNova Capital Partners, Inc. of New York to raise an institutional round of up to $5 Million. The agreement allows for some limited exclusivity in North America.

Since becoming publicly traded via a reverse merger in October 2005, Power Air has raised $4 Million from sophisticated investors who are convinced of the commercial potential of its exclusive Zinc Air Fuel Cell (ZAFC) technology.

'Having achieved all of our early targets, Power Air's Board is now confident that we are ready for the more extensive diligence of Institutional investors,' states Remy Kozak, President and CEO of Power Air. 'TerraNova came highly recommended as an equity raising partner by FBP Capital, the group that advised us on our first two private placements.'

Power Air recently signed an OEM Partnering agreement with Schrader- Bridgeport for collaboration on an Emergency Back-up Generator replacement product for the North American market. The Company continues to develop its core ZAFC-stack through extensive testing and rework of the design.

'Power Air is precisely the type of company we look to work with,' adds Andre Schwegler, Managing Director, Public Capital Markets for TerraNova Capital. 'With oil prices still going up, Power Air's alternative-fuel technology has attracted a lot of positive attention. Add to that a well- defined product and market with defensible advantages and the Company appears to have a very bright future.'

About Power Air Corporation

Power Air Corporation, with head office in Livermore, California, is engaged in the business of developing, manufacturing and marketing fuel cell based commercial products. Power Air has the exclusive worldwide license to zinc-air fuel cell technology that has been developed at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in Livermore, California, for all fields of use (portable, stationary, light mobility and transportation applications) and commercialization.

About TerraNova Capital Partner, Inc.

TerraNova Capital Partners, Inc. is a merchant investment firm and private placement specialist that arranges private equity and debt financings through TN Capital Equities, Ltd., a licensed broker-dealer and member of the NASD. TerraNova maintains excellent relationships with a global network of institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals that are active in today's markets for both public and private companies. Through a private equity fund, the TerraNova Explorer Fund I, they are able to make direct investments in both private and public companies that are in need of equity and/or bridge financing.

HISC: Explosive Idea

We never know what is around the corner in this life. As the old adage goes, “there are no guarantees”. At least one company is doing all it can to make life a little less risky for people. Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: HISC) announced on the 20th that they received license from the Department of Commerce to export explosive detection devices to the Middle East. The shipment will arrive at Pro Sec, the company’s sales partner in Lebanon.

I would think that this company has an unlimited potential to grow in this day and age of terror alerts and code oranges and code yellows, school terrorism, and rogue exhibitionists. Wouldn’t we all like to have a little more certainty in life? I personally would like to see explosive detection devices at the entrance to every mall all across America. It would be nice to see them at crowded church services, crowded sports events and college graduations. Homeland Integrated Security Systems has a good thing going, let’s just not let too many of their products become exports.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

GRSR: Shine On

The increase in technology over the last hundred years has done a lot to destroy our planet. The increased vehicle emissions have contributed to global warming. The decreased work load made possible by computers has given way to more vehicles on the road. A march of circumstances and time has begun that is making our planet hotter – and more dangerous. It is sweltering in the Midwest this summer. I walk outside to take the trash out and two feet from the door I’m burning up. The hot summer sun bleaches the curtains and melts the tar on the road. In these days of energy crisis, when gas is seeing record prices, and our planet’s ecosystem is rapidly changing, it is too bad that we cannot harvest more power from our only source of free, natural, energy: the sun.

Thankfully at least one company is taking advantage of all of the sun’s energy producing potential: GiraSolar, Inc. (Pink Sheets:GRSR) recently announced its subsidiary Dutchsolar BV has obtained an order for one and a half million dollars and received payment in full. We have done a lot to reveal the full potential of the sun’s powerful rays. At least there are some smart enough to take advantage of them. What I really want to know is, why isn’t there a solar powered air conditioner?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

GTE: Is This Some Kind of Joke?

Filing a lawsuit seems to have become the American way, hasn’t it? I was recently intrigued over the class action law suit pending against GlobeTel Communications Corp. (AMEX:GTE). We all love to see the underdog (a.k.a. the investor) discover the master plot proposed by the tyrant (a.k.a. the company), rescue the damsel, and ride off into the sunset with his 1.8 billion or so awarded in damages, don’t we? We can watch the movie in a couple of years…. Or so we think. I decided to look into this issue myself because as stated by one of Globetel’s investors in’s stock-specific message boards, “we need some answers”. Indeed, we do.

The interesting thing about lawsuits is that there are two parties, both represented by potent legal minds, claiming mutually exclusive arguments. By “mutually exclusive”, I mean that both cannot be true. One side is telling the truth. It logically follows, then, that one side is lying. I am making this assumption, although we like to believe the best we can about our fellow human being and we don’t really want to call anyone a “liar”. We call them “misinformed” or “mistaken”. Let’s face it, everyone: In every court room, in every trial, in every city, town, and state throughout our nation, one side is lying through their teeth, and they know it. Ouch. This obvious truth should increase our interest all the more in what is going on in our court rooms. After all, we could all be a defendant some day.

So what does that have to do with GlobeTel Communications Corp. (AMEX:GTE) and the so-called “Rusian deal”? You be the judge:

The law firm of Schatz and Nobel, P.C. has filed a class action law suit on behalf of those who purchased Globetel stock between December 22, 2005 and April 11, 2006. This was one of several lawsuits filed. The claim is that Globetel made a series of materially false statements regarding plans to provide internet services to Russia during that time. Globetell supposedly boasted of 600 million dollar plans to install wireless networks throughout Russia. Globetell stock traded as high as $3.92 per share during the time in question. On April 11, 2006 an article published by Motley Fool questioned the legitimacy of the deal. Stock prices fell 15%, trading at $1.78 per share.

That sounds cut and dried, right? Maybe not; here’s the other side:

CEO of Globetel, Timothy Huff, responded to the Saffaf Gentile lawsuit in a press release May 4, 2006. Their side is that the evidence for this is simply the Motley Fool articles written by Seth Jayson. He was also quoted as saying that a disclaimer on the Motley Fool website states that not “all” of its writers know about the stock market and they reserve the right to be wrong. He referred to the case as laughable and the product of stock manipulators and tabloid journalists…. Huh?

Could it really be that all of this drama and legal activity is the result of an uneducated opinion meant to entertain and suggest? Our busy and prestigious court systems would not tolerate that, would they? I would like to think not. However, I seem to remember a certain incident about a finger being found in some fast-food cuisine that turned out to be a ploy to get money. What will they think of next? I guess that is why our justice system is built on the tenet that you are innocent until PROVEN guilty. We will get our answers yet.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

You are Now Entering the Twilight Zone

The term “doi moi” mean “renovation”. Since the inception of Vietnam’s “doi moi” policy of 1986, a mere 11 years after the country was taken over by communist rule, Vietnam has been attempting to broaden its horizons. This has happened both on an economical front through trade and exports, and on a relational front through tourism and imports. Today Cargo Connection Logistics Holding, Inc. (OTCBB: CRGO) (BERLIN: CD6) (FRANKFURT: 217026) announced their role in this effort. In conjunction with PIL Logistics, cargo will begin to be moved from the United States to and from Vietnam in a number of major ports on the west and east coasts of America.

This strikes me as being one of life’s ironies. In this day and age we are putting tracking devices into human beings to monitor their whereabouts in order to subvert terrorists, and the word “privacy” is interpreted loosely in our nation. Yet, we seem to be oblivious to huge business deals being made in the open that will connect former bitter enemies at numerous ports in huge cities across our country at our most vulnerable area: our coastline. This is not to say that we should increase our suspicions, adopt an isolationist policy, or withdraw from all foreign markets that do not model our Democratic idealism. It is to say that perhaps our political witch-hunting does not extend to the sacred capitalist value of making a bigger and better deal.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

RKLC: The Days of Auld Lang Syne

We Americans are in a rat race. Let’s face it: with the slower pace of country life disappearing every year and the faster pace and tighter regulations of suburb living taking its place, it is incredible that we ever have a chance to breathe! We see this in our workplaces, our commutes, and our child rearing practices. How ironic, then, that one of the great contributors to this “one-stop shopping” lifestyle, the “Super Wal-Mart”, should house a line of root beer franchises! Rockelle Corporation (OTCBB:RKLC), recently opened the first of a string of Stewart’s Original Root Beer franchises in Shrewsbury, PA.

I love root beer. It is an all-American treat. Recently, on a rare occasion that I found time to take my grandmother “to town”, we stopped at the local root beer stand and simply enjoyed sipping a root beer on a hot day. I work a stressful job and maintain two professional certifications. I have a spouse, a mortgage, and a career that all demand my time, attention, and energy. Suddenly, however, while sipping this root beer with a dear elderly lady, I was reminded of the beauty of the simple pleasures in life. It was no skinny double latte, decaf, but it was a moment that I was able to truly relax and connect with somebody who didn’t demand that time and attention, but appreciated it so much more than those who usually got it.

Our society is in a rush to become more and more complex. Thankfully, among the mega-structures and long lines, we can find a simple American tradition that reminds of what we’ve been missing. In the midst of “one-stop-shopping” it seems like a novelty to take a moment to connect with those kids, fresh from daycare; with that spouse, who has been getting on your nerves; with that friend, who has been drifting away; or by yourself, simply finding a moment of simple pleasure. Among this milieu of daily life, we should not pass up an opportunity to reconnect. Enjoy a moment at Stewart’s Original Root Beer Restaurant; enjoy the simple pleasures of life.