Wednesday, July 19, 2006

GRSR: Shine On

The increase in technology over the last hundred years has done a lot to destroy our planet. The increased vehicle emissions have contributed to global warming. The decreased work load made possible by computers has given way to more vehicles on the road. A march of circumstances and time has begun that is making our planet hotter – and more dangerous. It is sweltering in the Midwest this summer. I walk outside to take the trash out and two feet from the door I’m burning up. The hot summer sun bleaches the curtains and melts the tar on the road. In these days of energy crisis, when gas is seeing record prices, and our planet’s ecosystem is rapidly changing, it is too bad that we cannot harvest more power from our only source of free, natural, energy: the sun.

Thankfully at least one company is taking advantage of all of the sun’s energy producing potential: GiraSolar, Inc. (Pink Sheets:GRSR) recently announced its subsidiary Dutchsolar BV has obtained an order for one and a half million dollars and received payment in full. We have done a lot to reveal the full potential of the sun’s powerful rays. At least there are some smart enough to take advantage of them. What I really want to know is, why isn’t there a solar powered air conditioner?

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