Tuesday, July 11, 2006

RKLC: The Days of Auld Lang Syne

We Americans are in a rat race. Let’s face it: with the slower pace of country life disappearing every year and the faster pace and tighter regulations of suburb living taking its place, it is incredible that we ever have a chance to breathe! We see this in our workplaces, our commutes, and our child rearing practices. How ironic, then, that one of the great contributors to this “one-stop shopping” lifestyle, the “Super Wal-Mart”, should house a line of root beer franchises! Rockelle Corporation (OTCBB:RKLC), recently opened the first of a string of Stewart’s Original Root Beer franchises in Shrewsbury, PA.

I love root beer. It is an all-American treat. Recently, on a rare occasion that I found time to take my grandmother “to town”, we stopped at the local root beer stand and simply enjoyed sipping a root beer on a hot day. I work a stressful job and maintain two professional certifications. I have a spouse, a mortgage, and a career that all demand my time, attention, and energy. Suddenly, however, while sipping this root beer with a dear elderly lady, I was reminded of the beauty of the simple pleasures in life. It was no skinny double latte, decaf, but it was a moment that I was able to truly relax and connect with somebody who didn’t demand that time and attention, but appreciated it so much more than those who usually got it.

Our society is in a rush to become more and more complex. Thankfully, among the mega-structures and long lines, we can find a simple American tradition that reminds of what we’ve been missing. In the midst of “one-stop-shopping” it seems like a novelty to take a moment to connect with those kids, fresh from daycare; with that spouse, who has been getting on your nerves; with that friend, who has been drifting away; or by yourself, simply finding a moment of simple pleasure. Among this milieu of daily life, we should not pass up an opportunity to reconnect. Enjoy a moment at Stewart’s Original Root Beer Restaurant; enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

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