Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pills, glorious pills.

What don't they make a pill for these days? The drug market is big money, with many perks, as noted in XKEM Message Board. For the right price (or with the right insurance) you can treat everything from sinus problems, to impotence, to high cholesterol, to depression. Don't get me wrong - it's wonderful that we have so much modern medical technology that we are reaching a new standrd in medical care. My question is, how did people survive before we developed all of these miracle pharmaceuticals? Has anyone ever stopped to think about this? I have a radical suggestion, one that people may not want to hear: our modern lifestyles have caused many of the maladies that we now spend billions of dollars to treat! Our world is clogged with pollution and exhaust, and our food is full of preservatives so we take allergy pills; our stress levels are high and our divorce rate is rising so we hand out Viagra like it's candy; we live on super-sized portions and who has time to cook a meal these days - so we take pills for our McCholesterol; and we take pills for depression because our insurance rates are so high, we take so many pills, and all we hear everywhere we look is bad news. I imagine that the early pioneers were all clinically depressed by today's standards but they were so busy working as hard as their bodies could stand simply to survive. Today, in order to survive, we take pills. I know individual who take pills to counter the side effects of other pills they take!

I happen to be one of those individuals who depends upon a life-saving drug to function in every day life. Fifty years ago I would be in a wheelchair somehwere waiting for my next seizure to srike. I owe a lot to modern medicine, regardless of the side-effects. At one time a company like Xechem began studies on a drug that gave me a chance to have a normal life. For me, there was no choice. Since then I have turned down a wide variety of prescription drugs that have been offered by well-meaning physicians. Our nation needs to recognize that the human body has an incredible capacity to heal itself and we are suffering symptoms for a reason. We should identify and eliminate the cause of our symptoms, if possible, rather than trying to medicate the symptoms that are sometimes just a side effect of the modern lives we lead. Or, perhaps our bodies are trying to tell us something: get out of the pollution; reduce your stress levels; get some exercise; and eat a healthy meal. See what your depression is like then.


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