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Friday, July 17, 2015


Marley Coffee Adds Jamaica Blue Mountain(R) RealCup(R) Product to Kroger Supermarkets Nationwide:


"Rohan Marley, Chairman and Founder of Marley Coffee said, "When we first joined forces with Kroger, it was a major milestone for our company, and we are thankful to see our relationship grow over the years. I am very pleased they are carrying our absolute signature blend, which features coffee from our farm in Jamaica. Discerning coffee drinkers seek out Jamaica Blue Mountain because it's the best in the world, so I am confident Kroger customers will love the rich, smooth, and balanced taste of Smile Jamaica. Not only will consumers be tasting a piece of our heritage, but also like all Marley Coffee single serve products, it will soon be available in our easy to recyclable capsules, which will bring change by reducing the amount of waste produced by traditional single serve cups."


Texas Rare Earth Resources and K-Technologies Sign Definitive Agreement to Form Rare Earth Processing Technology Joint Venture:


Texas Rare Earth Resources Corp. (TRER), an exploration company targeting the heavy rare earths, and K-Technologies, Inc. (K-Tech), a chemical process development and applications company serving the minerals and chemicals industries, announced today they have finalized the terms of a joint venture to develop, refine and market K-Tech's Continuous Ion Exchange (CIX) and Continuous Ion Chromatography (CIC) technology as it applies mostly to the extraction of rare earth elements (REE) from native ores (the "Technology"). The JV will license the Technology to TRER, as well as other rare earth production companies. The JV may also elect to build and operate processing facilities to separate and purify mixed rare earth concentrates into individual purified rare earth oxides for other rare earth production companies in addition to TRER.
Major terms Include:
1. Following TRER meeting its $7 million funding obligation for development of the Technology, K-Tech will own 50.1% of the JV and TRER will own 49.9%
2. K-Tech has provided an exclusive royalty free perpetual license of the CIX/CIC Technology to the JV for the production of rare earths and other related products of value. 
3. A board of managers will oversee the JV's operations and will consist of one manager appointed by K-Tech, one manager appointed by TRER and a mutually-agreed upon outside manager.
4. The JV will provide a perpetual license of the CIX/CIC Technology to TRER for use in its own development projects, including the Round Top project, for a one-time license fee of $5 million payable upon plant start-up.
K-Tech has recently used their CIX and CIC process to create a mid/heavy readily marketable rare earth concentrate for TRER and is in the process of creating high purity fully separated rare earth oxides. In the past K-Tech has used their process to treat REE leach solutions from ores such as monazite and bastnaesite to produce separated REE products at the bench-scale and pilot plant level. They have also recovered REE materials from phosphoric acid solutions at bench levels. Historically the rare earth industry has used solvent extraction (SX) technology to produce individually purified rare earth products. The advantages to using K-Tech CIX/CIC technology instead of SX are likely many. Potential lower CAPEX and OPEX are the most significant but the simplicity of the operation, smaller footprint, lack of large amounts of petroleum-based solvents, and the overall mitigation of safety and environmental risks are significant de-risking factors with this process.


Golden Star Receives New Shipment of NA Drones for Mass Marketing Campaign:


"Matt Kelly, Director of Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. states, "Leading brands such as DJI, a well known drone company, put heavy focus on online sales as most drones are currently being purchased online. With support of social media marketing NA Drones seeks to expand its brand foot print in the industry through the already proven online sales channels."