Monday, September 14, 2009

GVBP Continues To Excite Investors

GVBP rockets up in early morning OTCBB penny stock trading! GVBP was up ten cents of %34 in early trading on the OTCBB market. The company had an early morning press release detailing that the company "INTENDS" to submit a filing subsequent to expected efficacious and non-toxic pre-clinical results for Prostaganin. We can not be certain the stock will continue to appreciate.

If we were invested in the company we would consider taking a profit. However, we are not invested in the company and will not be buying or selling shares of GVBP. Please consult an investment adviser when making any purchase of traded securities.

Prostaganin: Peptide for prostate cancer

For humans, one of the peptides' most important qualities is the ability to demonstrate complete inhibition of growth of prostate tumour xenografts. Furthermore, they can markedly reduce the secretion of the prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a biomarker widely known to be indicative of this malignancy. Therefore, GENova's Prostaganin is a candidate for development of an anti-cancer medicament for treatment of humans.

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