Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NUBL, IMGG, and GVBP Create Exciting Times On the OTCBB!

NUBL, IMGG, and GVBP all creating buzz in early morning trading on the OTCBB. First GVBP, WOW it broke $1, I still believe the company is nothing more than a great marketing ploy.

Next IMGG, today trading in IMGG peaked as the stock reached a high of $0.45. The stock has been on the rise over the last 5 trading days. Shares of IMGG are up on the heals of a research report issued by

NUBL NuMobile states in their press release that they are actively attempting to increase the price/valuation of their company to complete a transaction. I suspect shares of NUBL will eventually return to their lows.

I see nothing of long term value in any of the three pennystock companies NUBL, IMGG, or GVBP. I hope you all make money and move on. Please consult an investment adviser before purchasing any securities, I am not one!

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