Tuesday, September 15, 2009

They Say Optimists Live Longer, BUT

They say that optimists live longer, does that mean that realists live shorter lives? Does being an optimist apply to investing in penny stocks? I bet an investigation into the matter would find that as an investor being an optimist is not so fruitful.

By Julie Steenhuysen "CHICAGO (Reuters) - Optimists live longer, healthier lives than pessimists, U.S. researchers said on Thursday in a study that may give pessimists one more reason to grumble."

I know first hand that being an optimist while invested in a penny stock can be very stressful, and stress kills!

By Justine Blau "It's no surprise that constant stress can make people sick, and now a team of researchers has figured out how."

So why do people go down in a blaze of glory and not sell a penny stock which has made them a gain? Better yet, why are investors so optimistic about their penny stock holdings, even when they are down?
I used to be there, I did not understand how many of the small-cap stocks work. They have to hire people to be optimistic champions who help rally the team during up and down days. This sort of work is known as investor relations, pump, and a number of other names.
I learned about, and then joined the ranks of investor relations, but only after losing all my cash on a bum penny stock "Utopia Inc OTCBB:UTPA".
In my opinion it is way to stressful to be an optimist as a penny stock trader. If a gain is made it should be taken! Additionally, if a loss is suffered, it is better to get out with something than to hold out hope and get nothing.
Many of these penny stocks are in the early stages of development and this is when risk/reward is at its greatest. Unfortunately many companies represent greater risk than reward. So, being an optimistic penny stock investor is probably not the key to longevity!

Please consult an investment adviser before purchasing any security!

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