Monday, February 23, 2009

Knock Knock. Who's There? Citigroup A Penny Stock

Once again Citigroup is banging on the door and the Federal Government is there to throw your money away. Reports this morning are suggesting the Federal Government is mulling the idea of purchasing as much as forty percent of the ailing bank.
When is enough, enough? Citigroup promptly squandered the initial billions American tax payers invested. The American public will need more than a wink and a nod before they would ever invest with Citigroup again, right? Probably not, the Federal Government once again is going to throw our moeny down a rat hole.
We have watched our initial forty-billion-dollar investment drop significantly in value. In-fact, much of our initial investment is worthless in the form of warrants. Since our initial investment Citigroups stock has joined th e ranks of risky penny stocks.

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