Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama Can't Understand Why Americans Say No

Dear President Obama,

Are you really uncertain as to why Americans do not want your stimulus plan? I think President Obama and his administration very clearly understand why Americans are standing in opposition to his stimulus plan. We Americans do not support the plan because it will serve as another fluff bailout for individuals who do not need or deserve it. To be very honest, no one deserves a bailout of any kind.

"I think this is another chance for the president to talk directly to the American people about what he thinks is at stake," Gibbs said. "Watching millions lose their jobs, and having in front of Congress -- and hopefully in front of him soon -- a plan to save or create millions more jobs and get people back to work, putting money in people's pockets, getting help for state and local governments so they don't have to lay off firefighters or teachers or police officers."

As the rest of the working public suffers, President Obama must be declaring state and local governments, police officers, and teachers a protected job class. I firmly believe in equal opportunity when it comes to unemployment. If a Americans working in a factory have to go without, so to does a police officer, teacher, state and local government.

The US economy is not a perpetual money making machine. It has it's ups and downs, and until government recognizes that fact, they will continue to make giant budget errors. So please, just allow the inevitable to happen. State and local government services have bloated for to long, we need to make reductions.

I have emailed, and phoned my representatives to let know where I stand on this bailout package. They have given every indication that they will go forward with the plan. They have NO intention of voting against the stimulus package. I guess Wisconsinites and what they want does not matter.

Kind, Feingold, Kohl

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