Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where's The Change?

Democrats and republicans are both responsible for the garbage in and around D.C.. I have heard time and time again that what we get out of D.C. is to be expected. Why has a certain level of underhanded dishonesty from our representatives become expected? Why don't we demand a higher standard from them? Is it because we're too lazy to say "get the heck out"?
It's time; we need to hold our representatives accountable to our best interests, not theirs. If they are unable or unwilling to conform, we need to get rid of them. The socially acceptable norm of corruption has to stop.
Last night a bill was passed that spends an additional 780 billion dollars. Can anyone tell me exactly what the money will be spent on? How many meaningful self sustaining jobs will be created from this bill? The White House started out by saying as many as 4 million jobs would be created or saved. Now they are saying 3.5 million. There are reports out that the number of jobs which the bill will create is much smaller, more like 1 to 3 million jobs. I thought the new administration of change was supposed to be more open and honest with the American public, however I see nothing except the same.
I would like to hear someone intimately familiar with economics explain how America is facing the worst economic crisis. President Obama using his or else tactics will not scare me into action; I am numb to those tactics. They are the same tactics President Bush used time and time again. In-fact, just days after leaving office Vice President Dick Cheney was quoted as saying America was vulnerable to another terrorist attack! Enough already!
Terror attacks occur every day in America. News papers and television stations report random shootings, drive by shootings, unexplained people found dead in allies. How many people die every day in D.C.? Compare this to the number of people killed in terrorist attacks. America is sick of "alarmisms".

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