Monday, February 02, 2009

Sen Dodd Caught In CountryWide VIP Scandal

Today Sen Dodd admitted to receiving something called a VIP mortguages from lender CountryWide Financial. As many Americans were caught up in unethical lending practices known as adjustable Arms Sen Dodd was on the recieveing end of very favorable VIP terms.
Sen Dodd is currently the Chair of the Senate Banking Committie.
"I just wanted to put this behind us," siad Dodd. Sen Dodd heard of his favorable status over a year ago, but only now is deciding to end his VIP status with CountryWide Financial.
A rash of scandals has hit the Democratic party as they are attempting to pass the largest stimulus package in US history. I am very concerned with the integrity of both political parties. Perhaps now is not the time to be pushing such a large package through. Maybe we need to take a deeper look at ethics in Washington D.C. before we risk any further ebarasment .

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