Friday, February 13, 2009

Forclosure Plan To Ruin America

A recent plan announced by the Obama administration and Tim Geithner will destroy the housing market for ever. In a recent press release the talking heads discussed a plan in which the government would pay banks to lower payments for delinquint home owners. The welfare administration claims America is facing the worst economic dowtrun ever. However, the downturn for homeowners has been extremely limited to people who never should have had loans in the first place.
Everywhere we look we see SUV's and quad cab trucks driving up and down the roads. Movie theatres and restraunts enjoy full houses. No sir, the worst ever economic downturn is an aboration of the coolaid drinkers in D.C.. Sure, in some locations across America there is a certain changover ocuring, however, in a competitive economy that should be expected.
We need to stand up for our selves. D.C. and Wall Street have fraudulently determined the direction of America long enough. Consumers have spoken; we drive supply and demand. If we no longer desire a company's product it's because it has been replaced or we do not need or want it. Grow up, Obama administration: consumers decide which companies survive not D.C. and Wall Street.

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