Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Extreme Tax 2.0

The new buzz is all around tax 2.0 an era of extreme taxation with less representation. Those of us who work or intend on working in the future are facing the sad Obama reality that tax 2.0 could double or triple our tax expense. I currently reside in state where social 2.0 taxation is rampant.

Lets talk health care, why should health care be socialized? No response, that's because their are no benefits to adopting a social approach to health care. Health care workers will find they are over worked and under compensated, and fewer will find the field attractive. Instead they may opt to drive a bus or a taxi cab as many do in Moscow.

On another note, the house of representatives passed a pork barrel bill worth 400 billion, ah what the heck! Why even read it, it no longer matters what Americans want. It's all about what the liberal media wants, right? I only wish they would have included an additional 80 million dollars for a pet project I would like to see completed for the University of Wisconsin River Falls go Falcons (UWRF)!

PennyMarkets is dedicated to bringing light to penny stocks. However, I have found myself getting more and more upset with how politicians have been handling our tax dollars. I am sorry some of you have not been getting the penny stocks content you were looking for. I will make an better attempt at including more blog posts about penny stocks!

Thanks so much for visiting your source for penny stocks news.

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