Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MXAM Maxam Gold Solution For EPA's Hazardous Fly Ash?

Wow, Maxam gold, has anyone heard from them in the last two years? The company has all but fallen of the face of the planet! In 2007 the company attempted a few campaigns to raise awareness for the common stock. However, after the death of their CEO, and my good friend, retired LT Colonel Dale Runyon, the company has fallen asleep.
The company was engaged in the development of process which recovered or extracted precious and hazardous metals from sand and fly ash.

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Fly Ash Statistics

Last year, Maxam announced its intent to expand business interests into other areas and become less reliant solely on precious metals for its overall business successes. Further, the announcement named Maxam's "wholistic" approach for treating waste materials to make the environment more safe and utilize by-products of waste material further. During the past year Maxam has analyzed "Fly Ash" deposits from 15 separate coal fired electric generating plants, and has been determined that Maxam's process technology is capable to upgrade Coal Combustion By-Products (CCPS), commonly known as "Fly Ash".

Presently, annual production of CCPS exceeds100-million tons, of which only 25-million tons is marketed in the United States. Fly Ash is used as (1) a pozzolan to partially replace Portland cement in ready mixed concrete and concrete products; (2) an additive to portland cement to produce a portland pozzolan blended cement; (3) an additive in downhole cementing of oil wells; (4) a primary constituent in flowable grout to fill voids under concrete slabs and underground tank voids and the CCPS industry has determined that greater quantities of Fly Ash could be marketed if detrimental elements were removed, or at least reduced.

Preliminary laboratory tests indicate that between 79% and 98% of several metals in commercial quantities are removable through use of the Maxam process technology. Analyses from 13 of the 15 electric generating plants reflected that all 12 of the environmentally detrimental elements were reduced to acceptable levels, leaving the Fly Ash to meet EPA ground water quality standards. Utilization of the Maxam process, from results of these tests, allows processing facilities to provide Fly Ash contract marketers with greater quantities of more marketable product.

Maxam Resource Recovery, LLC

To provide specific concentration on the business of extraction and recovery of several metals in commercial quantities from the Fly Ash produced at coal fired power generating plants, Maxam established Maxam Resource Recovery, LLC, which when practical will establish a separate operating entity at each power generating plant contracted for the benefaction of Fly Ash. It is intended that this decision will result in additional profit margins for power generating plants, contract Fly Ash marketers, and of course Maxam Resource Recovery, LLC.
Yesterday the EPA released a laundry list of sites containing hazardous amounts of Fly Ash. If we can put Maxam Gold together with these Fly Ash pits and the Government will help fund them. Maxam Gold stands to appreciate several times over. Looking at the Maxam Gold chart we can see that some buying has been coming into the company.

I have no affiliation with the company and do not know the present CEO.
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