Friday, July 17, 2009

Penny Stock Motors Liquidation Hot

Why are shares of Motors Liquidation, the old GM (Pink Sheets:MTLQQ), being purchased by anyone at any price? Penny stock investors must be disillusioned at the possibility that Motors Liquidation shares will eventually end at a value of zero. The only option for American investors seeking to hold shares of a publicly traded auto maker are Ford Motor Company ticker (NYSE:F Network).
Ford has seen its time as a penny stock. For several moths Ford traded under 5$ the bench mark which many trading houses determine as margin able or not. Today shares of Ford trade near $6 and as many of my family members know, it is one of my favorite stocks. Ford has positioned its self to take advantage of lost dealers.
I find it unfortunate, but most who are snapping up shares of Motor Liquidation stock will end up with nothing. There are many other penny stocks which have a better chance at producing a profit.

SEC Warns investors and short term traders about buying MTLQQ.

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