Thursday, January 15, 2009

Americans Say No To TARP (Wall Street Bailout)

TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) has been a hot button for me since it's inception. I, and all Americans knew the fraud TAPR would, and has become. We warned our representatives in congress, and in the senate. Our representatives chose to ignore our concerns. Why did they ignore us, because they had something to gain. These large institutions which gained at our expense contribute regularly to both republicans and democrats.
We must display our disapproval of elected representatives actions. We must replace them with individuals who truly seek to bring benefit to society as a whole. I am certain the motives of the majority of our representatives are misguided or self serving. I can not conclude that they have acted in Americans best interest. I let their record speak for it's self.
Why are our representatives going forward with the second disbursement of TARP? They failed Americans so horribly with their first attempt. Literally billions of dollars have been committed, recklessly, to waste fraud and abuses by the Wall Street bailout.

Is it the responsibility of savers to save those who refuse to save?
Is it the responsibility of those who work to save those who refuse to work?
Is it the responsibility of those who contribute to society to save those who refuse?
Is it the responsibility of those who do not commit fraud to bailout those who do?

Ask yourself these questions, are these your responsibilities? If we ignore these responsibilities will they correct themselves? I think the majority of these problems would correct, however we have to give them a chance.

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