Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TARP The Great Fraud (Financial Crisis)

Jim McGovern and Barney Fraud Frank are convinced they need the second issuance of TARP funds. Politicians are failing to recognize their utter failure to protect the trusting American tax payer. They fail to recognize their personal failure to impose responsible limits on the initial disbursement of TARP (Wall Street Bailout).
The continued finger pointing between the parties does not serve the tax payer, it serves nothing. I am more than disgusted with self serving democrats and republicans who approved the TARP fraud.
Why is it that every American, every American, except those in Washington DC recognized the folly TARP would become!
I personally took the time to contact all the representatives in my district and in several other districts about the fraud that would occur. Politicians do not care, they simply want to waste your money. They will say anything it takes to get it. Once they have the second round of TARP funds in hand, they will waste it as needed.
My friends, it is to late for garbage changes, tell them to keep their changes. Politicians had their chance to do it right and they failed, they failed horribly!

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