Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MTLQQ Breaks 1$

Just a few weeks ago investors were warned by the SEC that Motors Liquidation Corporation would eventually become worthless. However, that is not coming to fruition, in-fact, the stock has continued to appreciate! What do these buyers of MTLQQ stock know that we do not know, or are they fools?
I have to believe they are fools buying fools gold. I believe the stock has little or no value at all! Buying MTLQQ at $1 IMHO is like throwing money into a fire. Eventually the stock will become worthless!
Attention buyers of MTLQQ, what the heck are you doing. Please stop throwing your money into this worthless penny stock. If you get this message please leave a comment stating why you are a buyer of MTLQQ!

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