Monday, December 01, 2008

Leaning Towards Financial Scam

Recent activity by Citiygroup leads me to believe we were scammed. Citigroup just a few days ago was destined for certain bankruptcy, another to big to fail caper. Hank Paulson and the Fed took unprecedented action to save the failing bank. Were they really failing? Today Citigroup announced the purchase of a completely unrelated business located outside the United States, what? Reportedly, tax payers coughed up 10 billion to (you know) keep the American economy going. I am almost certain Citigroup was not in dire straights when the Fed stepped in, and am now convinced we were duped into their scheme. How do we get our money back, we don't.
From the begining I noticed very different structuring between the Citi deal, and previous deals. Citigroup shareholders and insiders were certainly the only ones taken care of by Hank Paulson and his Goldman Sachs bailout scam team. Join the Financial Crisis forum and voice your concerns!

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