Friday, December 19, 2008

Bailout Bandits Request Additional 350 Billion

Why should we give an additional 350 billion to Mr. Kashkari to throw away? Citiygroup and AIG have been burning the TARP funds in overdrive. Citigroup recently purchased a non core operating asset for 10 billion from a foreign company? Was that the intended use for the 300 billion plus TARP funds committed to save Citigroup? AIG proceeded to host parties and give away exuberant bonuses in excess of 30 million. Goldman Sachs gave out 10 billion in bonuses. Their argument; they want to keep their talented employees. How talented are these employees, they have bankrupted the entire banking system!
Mr. Kashkari, do you think we are stupid, are you stupid, Mr. Kashkari? You must not be stupid-you were selected for a very important task. So, what happened? I am certainly opposed to giving another dime of my money to Wall Street. I want a very detailed report of how all the money will be disbursed before any more funds are committed to TARP.

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