Friday, December 12, 2008

Big Three Bailout Ford, GM, Chrysler "Who Cares?"

Americans have paid enough! The scam bailout of the banks on Wall Street was engineered buy the likes of Sen Dodd. That bailout money was absolutely thrown down a hole, not in the best interest of Americans. Why should Americans believe Congress has a better plan for Ford, GM, and Chrysler? I am willing to bet everything I own on the fact that Congress has no plan.

  • They have no plan to get Americans a good deal.
  • They have no plan to insure Americans are paid back.
  • They have no plans to allow the BIG THREE to fail.

When it comes right down to it, they want Bush and the Fed to bail out the BIG THREE.
I feel we need to allow the big three auto makers to go through the American process known as bankruptcy. The unions have caused America, and American workers to become noncompetitive. If they are truly interested in staying in business they need to go through the bankruptcy process.
I am sick of hearing OUR representatives tell us what we need. Repeatedly, Americans have expressed they do not want bailouts. HELLO, we don't want to bail anything out. Let these businesses fail, newer better businesses will replace them!

Talk about the Financial Crisis

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