Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Financial Crisis or Financial Scam

It's becoming increasingly difficult to determine if Americans have been scammed by the recent bailout of wall street. We all have friends and family in the market, some of us have friends on wall street. What none of us have, is the need for a wall street bailout.
My wife and I have had several lengthy discussions about the need for a bailout. We are certain we do not need one, we don't even need a stimulus check. So what is Pelosi, Obama, Reed, and there gang up in arms about? We just don't know, possibly nothing!
Do the auto makers need a bailout, will everyone in the auto industry take a pay cut? if not, then they do not need a bailout.
Additionally, I heard wall street has been busy giving our hard earned tax dollars out as executive bonuses. Weren't execs accepting bailout money supposed to forgo bonuses? It seems to me we were promised by Bernanke, and Paulson that this would not happen. I guess they were wrong on this one, like so many of their previous half baked policy ideas.
Well America, hear is your change. Not really much change at all is there? I feel more and more like we were scammed!

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