Monday, October 24, 2005

Dow Jones, Nasdaq

Here we are again. The markets are up on nothing more than ignorant euphoria. Please explain to me why the Dow is up 100 plus, and the NASDAQ is up over 15 points. Have we not learned from our previous misconceptions? The US markets have no grounds for this sort of rally, and anyone pretending to be more than a day trader is plain silly. This once again is a short lived rally, and the markets will return to their down trend. Although it may not happen today, or tomorrow. Unfortunately our economy can not sustain a market rally. The rebound will end, and those who invested their savings will most likely regret it. So what; gas is down a record .25 at the pumps; who cares! Overall gas is still way to expensive for our economy to continue growing, and besides the damage is already done. There will be very little or no Christmas shopping season. Sorry kids, I needed gas to get to work, there will be no toys under the tree this year. If you want to get in on the only real growth company take a look at HAL.

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