Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dow Jones, Nasdaq

Are you kidding me, Intel just posted bad numbers, GM could file bankruptcy, and the markets rally over 100 points. This is just not realistic; did anyone notice Hurricane Wilma moving towards the Gulf of Mexico. This market is absurd, oil prices are higher than ever, and there is no longer this discounting for inflation crap either! World markets tanked for better than 1% yesterday, so why are American markets rallying like it's 1990. Please give it a rest. Everyone knows retailers are not going to have a blow out christmas shopping season. Already retailers are complaining because people are buying gas, and not shopping in their stores. Walmarts stock has had a dismal run over the last two years down better than 15% from it's highs of $60, while expanding at a fast pace. I think this is an unsustainable rally that will turn south once again!

This is not investment advice.

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