Sunday, October 09, 2005


This dormant company has come back with a vengance, up 650% in one day on moderate volume of 546 thousand shares. The share price has suffered under low volume selling over several months. We are expecting to see a continued uptrend for CRLU in the short term.

CRLU Cirilium Holdings, Inc. to Acquire Orangebox Entertainment, Inc.

Orangebox Entertainment, Inc. is an cutteing edge company. Thier strategy is to increase their market growth by diversifying thier customer base. Providing production and post-production services in all areas of the entertainment industry is the company's focus. This would include video, audio and music services for both U.S. customers and those abroad. Orangebox is unique in thier strategy to provide services for all areas of the entertainment industry. Most companies only focus on one segment. Orangebox definately has a competitive edge!

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