Monday, November 01, 2010

GSLO GoSolarUSA Using Yahoo Ad System

Today I noticed the ticker symbol for GSLO on the Yahoo ad system. This is an investor awarness format I tested in 2004 with a great deal of success.  The problem I have with it is that advertisers are placing the ticker symbols of the companies in  advertisements. This practice of placing the ticker symbol in the advertisement is a benefit to the advertiser because the potential for stock purchase exists without an actual clickthrough. I have also seen this activity on Facebook, and Google/adwords. I do not know if the practice is legal. Many penny stock promoters have began to use this practice. Only time will tell if this investor relations practice will continue to be allowed  by FINRA. I do not know anything about GoSolarUSA or their business model. I have posted their business profile below.

About GoSolarUSA, Inc.
GoSolarUSA primarily identifies and develops new solar energy technologies in the United States. We believe this not only creates high-quality jobs in America, but it ensures the quality and availability of our products. GSLO is endeavoring to advance clean American solar technology to compete in an energy industry that includes stalwarts such as First Solar . GoSolarUSA is a US registered and reporting OTCQB market tiercompany.


GoSolarUSA, Inc.
Tyson Rohde, 504-599-5979
President and CEO

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