Monday, November 22, 2010

ACTC Massive Volume

Does massive volume mean a stock is good, I think not.  Things that make a stock good are the same that make a company good. Great products and the potential for profit are key to making a good company and a good stock. Buying a penny stock just because it's relatively cheap, and a dollar buys many shares is not good reason for purchasing a common stock. It looks like ACTC in recent press releases and an 8k announced clearance for the first clinical trial of its' products. There is ton of speculation about the potential of embryonic stem cells and their potential to cure illnesses. The speculation is represents promise of future demand for the products if they work.  However, there is no promise ACTC will ever produce a product which will be accepted by the FDA,or that the product will work.
Investors have made huge profits betting on early stage drug companies. Early investors in PFE, MRK, and DNDN have reaped tremendous profits.  However, there are many more investors who lost most or all of their investments in similar companies who's products ultimately failed to work.
Buying into early stage drug stocks can be very risky and entire investments could be lost. There is not guarantee that ACTC will ever produce product demanded in the market. Always consult a registered investment adviser before investing. Investing in penny stocks is very risky and can result in entire loss of investment.

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