Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ABK Talks Bankruptcy and Stock Falls

A few months ago I hit a grand slam with my purchase of ABK.  At the time the company reported a sudden turn to profit.  The previous profit Ambac reported was a blip on the radar due to some tax benefits.  The company is once again in financial turmoil and is considering bankruptcy.  A bankruptcy for shareholders of ABK will certainly result in the delisting of ABK shares to the pink sheets or newly formed OTCmarkets. In most cases shareholders are the last to be made whole in bankruptcy and generally receive nothing.  At this time ABK is extremely risky! I'm afraid those who made the last ABK momo play will take it in the shorts if they stick around!

Have you noticed the new trend? Investor relations professionals are finding it more difficult to take restricted and common stock and register it for sale as a corporate entity. The old way of investor relations is on the way out, it's either cash or nothing.
You have heard the pitch before.  Investor relations professionals promise the world, and deliver much less. Find out about the sales approach to investor relations.

PennyMarkets and its contributes are not registered investment advisers, and make no claim to be!  Always consult a registered investment professional prior to making any investment. Investors can, and often do lose all of their investment!

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