Sunday, October 15, 2006

SKNN, the next CROX?

I have a very interesting pick for you with Skins Foot Wear (OTCBB: SKNN). This stock is a potential winner on 2 fronts:

As a short term play, SKNN may pop on the heels of a 1 million piece informational mailer that is supposed to hit the streets later this week. The hardcopy mailer is 16 pages long, full color, and loaded with exciting information about the company. With 1 million mailers going to targeted small cap investors, SKNN may see some significant action. Think about it, if only 0.1% of the mailers draw in new investors, that is 1,000 new investors to the stock! The average volume for SKNN is relatively low at 42,000 shares, so any influx of new investors could create astounding action for this stock.

As a long term play, SKNN looks very promising. First of all, SKNN's products are truly innovative. There is not another shoe like Skins anywhere! Skins is ready to launch the world's first 2 part interchangeable shoe. With Skins, you buy a single pair of "Bones" orthopedic inserts and then you slip on "Skin" over the bones. Visit the SKNN website for a great visual of how the products work.

Total customization! There are multiple Skins to choose from and they are sure to set the fashion world on fire. Renowned design firm Banfri Zambrelli of Gucci, Coach, Channel, and Bally fame is leading the Skins design team! Bill Priakos, Vice President of Merchandising for the Dallas Cowboys, had the following to say about Skins: "It's innovative and creative, appealing to our sensibilities. Skins has a unique story to tell...retailers and consumers always crave innovation. With those dynamics, you have a winner."

Over the long term, Skins may perform similar to Crocs (NASDAQ: CROX). Just a few short years ago in 2002, CROX had revenue of only $24,000. In 2006, CROX had revenue of just over $200,000,000! CROX and SKNN have a very similar share structure. CROX has 38.7 million shares outstanding while SKNN has 34.4 million shares outstanding. CROX has 24.2 million shares in the float while SKNN has 23.3 million shares in the float. Now, here is the best part of the comparison between CROX and SKNN...CROX has a share price of $38.88 while SKNN has a share price of only $1.18! Can you say HUGE potential!

The management team for SKNN is outstanding! The board is loaded with members who had high ranking positions with industry behemoths such as Kohl's Department Stores, Tommy Hilfiger, Rockport, and Stride-Rite.

If you want more information about SKNN, please contact me. You can also visit the SKNN website. It is one of the most stylish websites that I have ever seen and has great information about SKNN products.


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