Sunday, October 29, 2006

High Fashion = High $$$

Dan Holtzclaw here, author of The Little Black Book of Microcap Investing, the current #1 selling microcap book on I have an update for you on a microcap stocks that could see some substantial action this week.

Gucci...True Religion....Prada....BCBG....Coach....Chanel. These names are synonymous with $250 jeans, $300 shoes, $500 handbags, and $600 dresses. Without a doubt, high fashion translates into high dollars! When one thinks of high fashion, the OTCBB does not come to mind. There is one OTCBB company, however, that is attempting to make a mark in the high fashion scene.

Skins (OTCBB: SKNN) will soon release a highly anticipated new shoe that has already created a buzz in the fashion industry. The Skins shoe is comprised of an orthopedic insert that can be covered with a number of interchangable "skin" covers. The concept is completely revolutionary and highly intriguing.

While most of the fashion industry is excited about Skins for its ultra-chic shoes, I am excited about Skins for a different reason. As you know, I have been mentioning that 1 million mailers advertising SKNN were going to hit the streets. According to my sources, the 1 million SKNN mailers are in the mail and should be arriving to potential investors this weekend. These 16 page full color mailers are sure to attract some attention for SKNN stock! Think about it. 1 million mailers. That is a ton of exposure! If only 0.1% of the mailers attract new investors, that translates into 1,000 new investors! Therefore, in the short term, I am anticipating that SKNN stock will see significant appreciation from this exposure.

Companies that have used mailers for promotion in the past have seen substantial gains. Take RBSY for example. Earlier this year, full color mailers similar to the ones going out for SKNN went out to the investing public for RBSY. RBSY rose nearly 1000%! It is easy to see why I like SKNN in the short term. But there is more to the SKNN story.

It appears that SKNN has been ramping up their exposure in preparation for the launch of their highly anticipated product line. SKNN shoes may soon join the ranks of other high fashion digs such as True Religion Jeans, Coach, Chanel, Cole Haan, and Gucci. High fashion insiders have already taken note of SKNN's ultra-chic footwear. The Tobé Report, one of the fashion industry's most respected publications, has featured SKNN footwear in The BUZZ section of their September 2006 issue. SKNN shoes are mentioned right alongside with Neiman Marcus! If The Tobé Report is talking about SKNN, you can bet that other high fashion executives have also taken note as well. Click here to see the The Tobé Report with SKNN.

Others in the press have taken note of SKNN as well. The renowned design magazine Azure recently featured SKNN footwear in their July/August 2006 issue. Click here to see Azure.

Finally, Footwear Plus, the footwear industry's leading magazine featuring the latest in cutting edge design and modern trends, has featured SKNN. The magazine noted that SKNN products created a "buzz" at the WSA Show. The WSA Show is the largest and most comprehensive marketplace for global footwear, handbags and accessories industries. If SKNN was creating a buzz here, you know it is going to be special! In fact, one long time industry insider called SKNN footwear "exciting and refreshing" and noted that he thought that they "will fly." To read the Footwear Plus article, click here.

Monday may be the last opportunity to acquire SKNN stock for under $1.30. SKNN could easily replicate the success of True Religion jeans. Just a few short years ago, True Religion was an OTCBB stock just like SKNN is now. Had you invested $5,000 in True Religion in 2004, your initial investment would now be worth over $100,000!


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