Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SDGL: Why The Dirty Mind?

Has anybody been troubled lately by an advertisement, commercial, or show they saw on TV, radio, or news? You know the kind I am talking about. The half-naked woman is slithering around seductively with her hair blowing in the wind – to sell a phone book; or the half naked woman is stretching on the floor in a provocative pose – to sell cat food. Have you seen the Sunday night primetime line-up lately? It’s filthy! It doesn’t really matter what channel you are watching. One channel is broadcasting a murder mystery show, complete with graphic images of dead bodies. Another channel is broadcasting smutty cartoons that I wouldn’t want my parents to see – let alone my children. Another is showing some evening soap opera, revolving around misdirected lust and illicit affairs. And other channels are broadcasting some hodgepodge mix of the first three. The Internet is full of the same. Is there any rhyme or reason to this?

Secured Digital Applications, Inc. (OTCBB:SDGL) today announced a 30 percent increase in revenue for the first six months of 2006. The company produces “media content” for the Internet, television, and other displays. A company like this cannot help but expand. In our society staying connected means a lot. I have only one comment for companies like SDGL and others. Our minds are only as clean as what we fill them with. Please remember that when you are filling our airwaves.

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