Monday, August 28, 2006

CHHH: Take Two and Call Me…

Herbals are becoming big business in America. Much of mainstream society is willing to take a synthetic drug to alter moods, feelings states, and pain control. There are still many Americans who seek out a safer, more natural way to deal with their various ills, at least for the first attempt at remediation. This is where herbal medicines come in.

China Health Holding, Inc. (OTCBB:CHHH) is one of those companies that has capitalized on the herbal market. CHHH is a developer, marketer, and manufacturer of herbal supplements based on all natural Chinese medicines. As this is an expanding market, CHHH recently announced that they had negotiated a deal with Henan Furen Huaiqingtang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and Henan Furen Pharmaceuticals Group Co. Ltd. and the shareholders of Henan Furen Huaiqingtang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. CHHH will acquire 60% of the outstanding stock of Henan Furen Huaiqingtang Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. (HFHP). This deal is a boon to CHHH shareholders, as it will open up new markets and manufacturing sites in China as well as giving CHHH the rights to 46 pharmaceutical drugs being used there.

This is good news for Americans, as well, who are sick of dealing with the side-effects of synthetic drugs. The question of whether or not herbals work is another matter entirely. I think it depends on whom you ask. Some people swear by their herbal medicines and others say they found no benefit from them. I believe the same can be said of many synthetic drugs. The important thing is that the alternative drugs remain available to consumers in America and abroad.

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