Friday, November 11, 2005

Why not take part in the Bull Rally

By Jason Buchen,

Why would you focus on one technical indicator? Allow me to clearly plead my case, because it may protect you from losing some of your hard earned cash. Although oil may be down significantly from it’s hi of 70$ that does not mean it has not already severally damaged our already slumping economy. Oil prices can start to rise again, and lastly Dell the bellwether of new growth in our economy posted a 28% decrees in earnings, after warning on their numbers. Jumping into the market feet first at this point would be a serious mistake. Companies like DELTA are now penny stocks DALRQ.PK, and other airline carriers have filed bankruptcy. If you want to play it safe put your money in a savings account and allow Ben Bernanke, and rising interest rates do the job.

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