Wednesday, September 14, 2005

AITX AirTrax

AITX is a company I have been following since 2003. I owned roughly 8,00 shares in the company at the time, and it was trading around 1.40 per share. Shoot I sold my position for a small gain. What was I thinking? Well I thought the company was taking to long to develop their technology, and get product out the door. The company was brought to my attention by a good friend Tyler Byrd, who now is a broker for Morgan Stanley in Washington State. I have so many trades I regret trading out of. I help SIRI Sirius Satellite at .60 and traded it out around .70, what a fool I was. It’s good to know I owned the right stocks, even though I was impatient, and did not allow their potential come to fruition. I just want to let you know that AITX has more to offer the retail investor from this point. Only the report of one shipment drove the companies stock up nearly 300%. Add AITX to your limit minder, and see what happens. This is not investment advice! Just letting you know what I would do.

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